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Multi Search Media, LLC

Country United States
State Florida

Multi Search Media, LLC Reviews

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  • Nov 12, 2016

My father's company received an invoice from this company for services they never utilized. He is very trusting and paid the invoice, over $700, and when i tried to contact the company to refund or complain, i got a nasty operator for what i think is just the answering service. This place is a scam and the man who owns it is named christian moraj. He is a thief and a scammer.

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  • Dec 8, 2016


My company got an invoice from this company for $750. I called to ask what it was about and they said for google searches. They said we agreed to it the prior year lol- which is untrue. I requested verification of us agreeing to their service and they didn't have any. My invoice said " Multi Search Media INC" rather than LLC. So I asked them which state they were registered in so I could verify their business and nobody had an answer. I even called the building where they claim their office is and I was put on hold by a lady who sounded flustered after I explained the situation, she transferred me to her manager and the manager told me that she's just a manager and doesn't know what Multi Search Media does there. Just very sketchy. DON'T send them money!! Report them!

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