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Mtn View Nissan

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Chattanooga
Address 2100 Market St
Phone 423-756-1500

Mtn View Nissan Reviews

  • Nov 1, 2017

This dealership is the worst I’ve ever been to. I’ve owned a Nissan before and after the experience I had here with the sales department (and Nissan Consumer Affairs) I will never purchase a Nissan again. On 9/23/17 I went into this dealership to test drive a Versa. I had set up my appointment a week prior with Bruce Durham a Sales and Leasing Advisor. I do not live in Chattanooga and Bruce Durham was aware of this. I drove my truck (which I am not using as a trade in) to Chattanooga because I wanted to test drive a Versa. I need a car because I travel for work. Bruce Durham was extremely rude in person.

I had previously informed him of who I work for and when Iet Bruce he said “YOU are the one who works for....?” His tone of voice and attitude indicated I would be lying about my profession (as if anyone would do that). He clearly stereotyped me as a young female who couldn’t possible have the position that I have. He then told me he was going to “set me up” with a different sales agent to test drive the car (so he handed me off to someone else because he decided I wasn’t worth his time).

The sales agent he “set me up” with was Derek Honeycutt. The agent seemed completely clueless about everything. He filled out some form on his computer and then went to get the keys for the Versa. When I got into the vehicle for the test drive it occurred to me that he had NOT ASKED FOR MY DRIVERS LICENSE so I offered it to him saying “don’t you need to see this?” He seemed to not really care. After the test drive we returned to the dealership and he began the Sales Pressure Game...”well what can we do to get you into this car today?

” Now again, I don’t live in Chattanooga and Derek was also aware of this. He knew that I had driven down there to test drive the vehicle. I restated the fact that I couldn’t buy the car that day because I am one person and cannot drive two vehicles an hour and a half home. So I said that he could give me an ESTIMATE of financing and out the door pricing. I said if we could reach an agreement that I would come back the next day with a friend to buy the vehicle because I would have someone to drive my truck back home for me. I walked out of the dealership after sitting for 2 hours at a table waiting for him to give me an ESTIMATE because Bruce Durham walked up to me (because now I was worth his time again) and said (quote) “congratulations...I just filled up your new car with gas.” I never, ever said I was going to buy a vehicle.

I said repeatedly that I was not able to make a purchase that day and was obviously ignored. I never got the estimate I asked for. When I walked out I told Derek Honeycutt why. I told him that his manager had made me feel uncomfortable and pressured because I never said I’d buy anything. I told Derek Honeycutt to EMAIL me the estimate the following Monday. He said he could do that. The following Monday he did not do that and I still don’t know what the estimate was because I never saw any information on any financing or vehicle pricing. Upon checking my credit score 2 weeks later I discovered that not only did Derek Honeycutt fail to listen to my requests but he and his “manager” Bruce Durham SENT MY INFORMATION OUT TO OVER 10 DIFFERENT LENDERS WITHOUT MY CONSENT.

I said an ESTIMATE FOR FINANCING. I never said screw up my credit score with 10 different credit inquiries WITHOUT TELLING ME YOU ARE DOING THAT. He never even asked for my identification. I OFFERED it to him. If I hadn’t how the hell would he have even known who I was? My credit score dropped OVER 30 POINTS BECAUSE HARD INQUIRIES MAKE UP 10% OF YOUR CREDIT SCORE. Yes the effects fade after a few months BUT AS I AM ATTEMPTING TO BUY A VEHICLE NOW I DONT WANT TO WAIT A FEW MONTHS FOR MY CREDIT TO BE REPAIRED WHEN I NEVER DAMAGED IT MYSELF. I have spent the past 2 weeks calling every d**n lender they sent my information to WITHOUT MY CONSENT and informing them that the credit inquiry was not approved and that they need to remove it from my credit report.

I have had to file a security alert with Experian. I also have been calling Nissan Consumer Affairs for over 2 weeks because somehow my “agent” has closed my case twice because she hasn’t gotten in touch with me after attempting to call me ONCE AT ODD HOURS OF THE NIGHT. I will never buy a Nissan again. Also, sending your information out to multiple lenders is called “shotgunning.” It is a thing that dealerships do when you are about to purchase a car. You have to approve they do this and they need to provide you with information for the lenders they are submitting your information to. I have looked it up, “shotgunning” usually occurs with a maximum of 3 lenders.

Dealerships don’t send your information out to over 10 different ones. I am sure I’m not the only one they have done this to, clearly it came easy to them. They have no respect for people’s time, money, or credit. Bruce the sales manager is sexist and dismissive, and they don’t even know how to obtain financing for a customer. It’s not like I couldn’t obtain financing. I HAVE been approved for financing through a credit union. Honestly if they had sent my information out to 2-3 lenders I would’ve let it go, but over 10 means I get dinged on my credit.

Really though, as I NEVER SAID I WANTED ANYTHING OTHER THAN AN ESITIMATE they had no right to do that. I have received no information from any of the lenders, I am on the phone daily to try to resolve this, and I will never buy a Nissan again. I have shared this story with dozens of people already because if you are purchasing a car you deserve to be treated with respect. Mountain View Nissan doesn’t deserve your buisness.

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