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Country United States
State California
City City of Industry
Address 901 Canada Ct, City of Industry, CA , United States
Phone 626-913-0828

MSI Reviews

  • Dec 8, 2018

I have been doing work with this company from 9/15/2018 till now its been 4 months.I have been requesting my pay. they say they only pay by mail, however my check was printed on the 30th of november,its now the 7th of december and its not here.

Rebecca Cage and Brandon Garner are saying they havent heard anything from accounting if it has been mailed to me yet or not. i have thousands of dollars worth of work for this company.

Not only are they not paying me but they are also cutting some of my pay in half, one job is a 4thousand dollar job that i submitted EVERYTHING they needed and still deducted 2thousand dollars of my money from that dollar amount. why is this company still riping people off if they have been thriving since 1983? Has this company done this to anyone else?

I need a lawyer and will be looking, i have proof of all the work i have done for this company, if someone contacts me to help get my payout i can show proof.

  • Sep 15, 2016

I purchased a motherboard manufactured by MSI USA. The product failed after one week of usage. I inspected the product, and discovered a likely physical damage. After comparing the product's condition with a picture that I took previously, it is likely that the damage was evident when I received the product.

I contacted MSI through several channels for my warranty service and clarifcation for my situation:

-Email a customer service rep: there is no response.

-Post 2 enquiries through their online portal: there is no response.

-Message them on Facebook: there is no response.

-Created a technical support request: the response was automated, followed by several short reply with unhelpful suggestions (because I already performed these actions and detailed them in my inquiry).This implied my specific situation and concern were not considered with adequate attention.

Created a customer support request: MSI claimed the damage was a fault on my part, and refused to honor their warranty. Instead, MSI offered to repair the motherboard at my own expense. I feel that it is an unfair practice, as I am not responsible for the defect, and was not given an adequate response from MSI.

Thank you.

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