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Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Phone 1-312-248-3768


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  • Feb 23, 2017

I was victim of romance scam. I was contacted by a man through the social platform Tinder. I know that is my responsibility with whom I have contact through these pages but also is my responsibility to inform when someone is acting in a bad way. I sent by western union a total of $2.600.000.- Chilean Pesos to a Chinese person and to a Malaysian one. I have with me these documents in order you can discover the nexus between them. He said he lives in Chicago, his name Mowel Honard and has active his tinder and facebook profiles like Mowel, 54 and Hon Mowel respectively. My communication with him after the first contact through tinder was through wsp, his telephone number is . I know there is not possibility to recover this money but I really want you can investigate to this man in order to inform these two social nets about him and obviously add his name to a database related to scammers.

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