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Country United States
State Florida
City Green Cove Springs
Address 411 Walnut St #4179
Phone 904-863-5350


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  • Jun 5, 2017

THeir tactic is simple and very popular in third world countries where there is no regulation and presumably where the owners of this company and most of their employees are from . give the customer the lowest price as a bait , set a day when the car will be picked up then on theat same day no one will show up for pick up . when you call the repwho dealt with you in the contract signing he/she will tell you that the driver couldn't be there to pick up just your car because of some cancellations in your area .At that moment these foreigners trainee sharks give you an option of another driver willing to get your car but for a lot more than what you initially agreed on . They know by then your despair in shipping the car .IN my situation , i was left in my new destination with no car no clothes since they were left out in my car and i refused to pay more . i am in a process to have these thieves stopped by an attorney i am hiring through AVVO to handle all stress and damages they have caused .. THESE UN-AMERICAN OWNED company sharks are unethical thieves and need to be stopped from hurting more victims and IF THEY HAVE SOME POSITIVE REVIEWS , THEY ONLY DO FROM CUSTOMERS WHO RECEIVED THEIR SERVICES AND WERE GIVEN SOME INCENTIVES TO POST THOSE POSITIVE REVIEWS IN SPECIFIC WEBSITES THAT YOU Can only post reviews on AFTER you receive their service . in any other websites , these thieves are capable of having friends , family memebers and employees post reviews .


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  • May 23, 2019

Simply read the Better Business Bureau reviews about this company before trusting other fake review sites about this company and their reputation. Read the facts!!! They should be shut down.

Follow this link:

This company will extort you even if you do not know they exist. If you get a quote on line and they send you a quote.... you could be screwed. Read the reviews.

  • Nov 17, 2017

In August 2017, I contracted with John Will ( to transport a car I purchased in Roselyn Heights, NY to Salisbury, NC.The contract amount way $450.00, but when I contacted Mr Will after over a week of no response. I was told the driver had to be turned around and the price would by $550.00. I wanted the car as soon as I could get it so I paid the extra $100.00 beinf told the car would be picked up in (2) days. That ended up (4) days picking it up and it was in transit for (2) days. When the car arrived in Salisbury, the driver's first comments wasthat he was behind schedule and had another deliver that evening in Charleston, SC (4 hours away). He had to park a block away in order to turn hit rig around in a residential area. Once the car was off his trailer he quickly drove the car to my house a block away. He quickly left and got on the road again. I was not offered a Bill of Laden so I could sign accepting the car.

When I finally walked to my house, I immediately noticed the windshield was cracked. I immediately notified Mr. Wills and sent him pictures of the car before transporting and pictures of after the car arrived. I was told he would be in touch with the hauler he assigned my car to, in order to file an insurance claim. After no word for several weeks I contacted Mr. Will for a status report. He told me if I wanted to speed up the process I should contact the haulers insurers directly. I did so only to learn the hauler had no cargo insurance and said they would not be responsible. I was assured when I contracted with Mr. Will that the haulers they used had all insurance required to cover the car. I then told Mr Will that I expected his company to replace my windshield. At that pont Mr Will stopped conversing with me. I still have a cracked windshield that is now twice as bad. Mr Will needs to pay for the replacement. I'm looking for any advice that might help me get a settlement. If I have to hire an attorney to handle the case in Florida, it will cost a lot more than the approximate windshield replacement cost of +/- $1,000.00. I'm really angry and need help.

  • Aug 29, 2017

This was my second and last time working with movewheels First was fine but they still did the price dance and raised the price on me last minute because of driver "demand"

Second time was the worst experience of my life. They of course tried to raise the price but I didn't let them. Seriously watch out for this because they are taking advantage of inexperienced customers.

That was not the worst part. I know they are just a broker but they found a truck driver that drove my BMW M3 over 2000 miles before delivering the car to me. They kept using an excuse that the truck carrier was broken down and delivered the car one week late. In reality there was never a truck carrier.

Movewheels said they would file an insurance claim, but Max the manager never called me back after I tried contacting him multiple times.

I understand this is unlucky to find a crooked driver but think about the risk. I will never take another risk with this company.

  • Jun 20, 2017

May 30, 2017.... My frustration started.... I made it contract through the phone with they told me,have a many truck drivers willing to delivered my 1967 Pontiac from California to New York price was 950. My pickup day was ,June 19th 2017 . Today is 19 / June. No call no response. I have been calling them 3-day straight day and night, try to contact with that agent make contract with me. I leave many messages even a send email to that agent I make a contract with.

Today finally, that agent call me. he promoted to manager position, he's not selling agent anymore so ,he say; he give to all his work to other agent to take care of rest of his work. They have a miscommunication and he apologized. He tried to make me continue contract with him, even after I said I want to cancel my contract and he tried to help me out to figure out what is a better price in a better time to ship my car he say I have to relocate my destination because my destination to far from truck driver doesn't want to go there for he didn't tell me at the beginning of our contract 19 days ago and he raised the price over $1,000 and he keeps saying I'm a manager position only a training people do work. he don't take responsibility what he made contract before he promote to manager position. also website that have a chat room he or she not helpful whatsoever. I asked my order still exist she say what's that mean, so I asked can I change shipping agent to somebody else; she say he would be contact with me shortly. I told she or he I have been received the contact with you shortly three days straight, but no one contact with me. I asked can I cancel that contract and, she tell me I have to pay $75 of a cancellation fee. when I make contract he don't even say anything about the cancellation fee or additional fee will be charged since May 30. never contact with this company whatsoever I have to call around to find the many different numbers and leave voice message or talk to somebody else and they only say to me back contact with your soon.

  • Apr 27, 2017

I signed a contract with this company for the sum of $925 to ship a car from Hazleton,PA to Farmington, NM. They called and said they can't do it for the quoted price and it would be $1400 now to transport my car. A long story that we will skip but I had to sign a new contract for the new amount of $1400. A fw hours later they needed something like 64 bucks to send money to Denver where the first driver would take the car.

I sent Move Wheels $996.00 to be taken from my VISA. Now today I get a call from Brian Campbell and he said " the guy in Denver can't do it now and Brian found another guy but this guy wants $525.00 cash to deliver" versus the $450.00 I was suppose to pay. Now my car is going to be in Denver tonight or tomorrow. What the heck do I do? Will my car sit on a street somewhere and I don't want to pay a single penny more and told them that.

I am suppose to get a call back but...... I think I'm going to take it in the shorts again.The car has much sentimental value.

My words to all having cars moved STAY AWAY from MOVEWHEELS.

Regards and Semper Fi Tom

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