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Move Masters

Country United States
State Texas
City Allen
Address 1619 Collin Dr
Phone (214) 560-7919

Move Masters Reviews

  • Nov 1, 2017

I hired Bravo moving company to move me from my old house to my new house. I made sure when I hired them they understood I need my move done first thing in the morning because the people who purchased my home would be moving into my home that afternoon. The assured me they would be there by 9am no problem. I made them aware of the situation at the time of booking AND they day before my move when they called to confirm.

The day of my move they did not show up at the scheduled time of 9am. I called around 9:15 and they told me the truck had broken down. First, they told me the truck had a problem with the brakes, but it was now on the way and would be there by 10am. Then at 10:15 when they had still not showed up or called, I called back and they said the truck was on the side of the road broken down. They told me they would call me back in 5-10 minutes with an update. 10:45am, still no word. I called them back. They said they were trying to rent a truck and they'd be there by 1pm. At 12:30pm, they called to tell me they were on their way. At 1:30pm, still no one there at my house. They just kept telling me they were on the way. Finally, around 2:15 the actual guy (Erik) who was moving me called and said he'd be there in 20 minutes. He didn't show up until after 3pm. At that time Erik told me that he was supposed to be at my house that morning, however he was re-routed to another move because a truck broke down.

Apparently, the crew that showed up at my house after 3pm, were sent to another job because it was larger and Bravo felt more important than my move. There was never a rented truck like Bravo stated. I have asked for half my money to be returned because I ended up having to pay the people buying my house because their move was now also jacked up since my move was late, they couldn't move into my house. It was a huge mess. If Bravo had just been honest with me about the arrival time instead of telling me they were on the way all morning long, the situation wouldn’t have been as bad.

  • Jan 18, 2016

Do NOT use these liars. I hired them to move us from one house to another. The movers showed up 2.5 hours late, were slow as molasses (of course, I was paying them by the hour), and broke an expensive desk.

OK, I can forgive and forget that, as things happen. What I cannot forgive is the way I have been treated by the owner, Christopher Booth. I talked to him during the move, after the desk was broken, and he assured me that he would get it fixed. The moving guys took my desk with them to supposedly drop it off at a furniture center to be fixed.

After more than a week with no communication from Chris, I called to ask him about the status of my desk.To make a very long and frustrating story short, I left him messages daily for the two weeks with NO phone calls from him. The two times that I miraculously managed to reach him (using someone else's cell phone), he promised me that he would deliver my desk "even if I have to do it myself." Both times I waited and still no desk.

After mutliple attempts to get my fixed desk or a refund (including contacting my bank, sending a demand letter and contacting the BBB), I have all but given up. It makes me furious that he can get away with this with absolutely no recourse or remorse on his part.

After reading other reviews, I see that he has done this multiple times. I am kicking myself for not fully investigating this unprofessional, piss poor excuse for a business owner prior to the move. I hope others will take my review to heart and stay far, far away Move Masters.

Oh, and I really take exception to his use of the military to garner more business...he is a disgrace to the US Marines.

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