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Mountain View Assisted Living

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Hendersonville
Address 620 Centerway Drive
Phone (828) 692-9960

Mountain View Assisted Living Reviews

  • Nov 16, 2018

I am being asked as an employee by our facilty Director to steal patient's cell phones and other valuables. I am instructed to state the Director is locking things in her office. When the patient or family ask why a cell phone was taken- the instructed reply is that the patient did not cooperated with the staff. This is Not true! This is mental abuse to our patients who use their phones to communicate with the outside world. Several families are very upset that patient's personal property is being taken. It's sad that our facilty Director Crystal is selling these items on e-bay and other places. Patient's items she is selling are cell phones, tv's, clothes, shoes or anything of value. This is criminal on her part and has been reported to Henderson County NC DSS., who has done nothing! Please someone help these patients.

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