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Mountain Stone Gravel

Country United States
State Florida
City Vero Beach
Address 4650 US Highway 1
Phone 772-569-5788

Mountain Stone Gravel Reviews

  • Dec 8, 2016



  • Nov 15, 2016


We have hauled loads regularly to these folks and have never had an issue.

Former, disgruntled employees, however, have been known to state untrue things, especially on internet sites where they don't have to identify themselves!

  • Dec 8, 2016


What a JOKE of a company. SHELLY hAS every excuse in the book to not pay. US trucking companies trust that when we haul a load into your facility that we will be paid. That is how business works. Why even order stone to be delivered to your company if you know you can't pay for it. Do you pay your electric bill, your phone bill, your house/rent payment? People who worked for me stole from us, my butt.

  • May 25, 2016


We have been affiliated with this company and other companies they are affiliated with since 2004.

We have never had any problems.

I will tell you, though, that the owners have had a tough time with employees.

They have been robbed by their employees and caused great financial distress because of it.

I have a lot of respect for them because they never give up.

From 2011-2013 they had thousands disappear at the hands of their office manager.

Here recently they had another, old lady working there who sat on her Ipad the entire time. She was extremely rude to my husband and I and acted as if we were disturbing her.

The way I hear it she finally quit when they no longer would tolerate it.

I also hear she attempted to extort money and blackmail them.

It's a shame the internet allows anyone to write anything about anyone.

Mountain Stone & Gravel is awesome

  • May 18, 2016

Have hauled many loads for this individual or company . Have not been paid .

When I was sent a payment it was returned for no funds to cover .

I am a well known trucking company with many connections and I will be spreading the word . Not only to haulers but to gravel yards also .

Stay as far away from this "woman" as possible . She will sweet talk you and then disappear .

She is a overweight aging female who thinks she can charm guys . No more .

She has every excuse . But it is all on her and her husband . There company will fall.

  • Mar 25, 2016

I am a Vero Beach native who is very aware of this company or companies...

I know many trucking companies and owner/operators (friends and family) who have had nothing but problems trying to get paid for hauling product for the owner of this company. Bounced checks, late checks, excuses, lies.... that's ALL you will get! Let me make this clear. The person who started the company in 2004, Shelley Corkran, is the same person still running it. The following is the history, as I have seen, for Mountain Stone Gravel:

Shelley Corkran, now Shelley Brown, started Stone Mountain Gravel in 2004. However, after years of using her business bank account as a personal account, she became unable to pay a large amount of her bills. Her other company, Stone Mountain Trucking, flatlined and caused her parent's to file for bankruptcy for over 1 million dollars a few years later.

To avoid taking care of the bills incurred by Stone Mountain Gravel, she then moved to a new location just down the road and created a "new company", SMG Corp. This was late 2010/early 2011. This confused me and many other locals until we found out the truth.

The new location seemed to be going along fine and then product started becoming unavailable or had a "long wait list". Shelley had one person running the yard most times. Regardless of the positive things I was told by those that worked there, I knew something was odd.

In 2014 I was informed of yet another new name for the "new company" and "new owners", Mountain Stone Gravel. Now this seemed odd as ALL the same people were working there. The only difference that I saw was that Shelley started spending a lot of time with a man that seemed to be at their location almost every time I stopped by in the afternoons. Picking up bags of rock and different products for multiple weeks on end, it seemed this man was there but never working. Knowing that men have never consistently worked/been seen there, this seemed odd. Shortly after my favorite young lady who was employed there was no longer available. I found that odd since that lady was there nearly every day and was very good at her job. I found out later that she moved on due to the dishonety of the stone company owner.

The company again moved in late 2014/early 2015 right next store to where they were. From what I have seen, the name is still Mountain Stone Gravel. The same Shelley Corkran that started the business in 2004 is still the person that runs the company. As a long time, but small, customer, I have no clue how these people are still in business.

I have seen on this site and many others, the complaints related to these company names and Shelley Corkran. If you believe that Mountain Stone Gravel will be more likely to pay you for a load you haul than the previous companies. THINK AGAIN!

  • Sep 5, 2015

If you haul freight do not haul for this company. They write bad checks. They do not answer their phones and when they do the same person, Michelle Brown, acts as if she is 10 different people but never Michelle Brown. Sometimes she is Shelly, or Laurie, or someone else just to avoid giving you a straight answer to your question. Of course, this is only after she has received the shipment that you have hauled for them.

They have given us 4 bad checks already and then have the nerve to tell us that it is OUR fault that the checks bounce as we are supposed to let them know when we will deposit their check. Beware and do not haul for them. They have done this to many people but it is time that it stops. I only found out that they rip freight deliveres off after I had delivered for them. I wish I had found out sooner.

Here is to hoping that they do not do this to anyone else.

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