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Mountain Logistics Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Artesia
Address 11562 186th Street
Phone (562) 852-7304

Mountain Logistics Inc. Reviews

  • May 14, 2016


Do not use Mountain Logistics INC if you're looking for reliable, trustworthy service and a company that actually values customers. This transport company possesses zero integrity. To make a long story short I contacted We Will Transport It (another horrible company with terrible service) at the end of January 2015 to transport my vehicle. They contracted their affiliate Mountain Logistics INC to do the work and it went downhill from there. Mountain Logistics INC changed the pickup date last minute without informing me, which inconvenienced my move. They changed the date a total of three times.

When the representative finally picked up my vehicle, I provided them with the key to my vehicle which is required for transport and I was verbally provided with a delivery estimation of about 5 days. Of course the vehicle took much longer to arrive and they didn't call to update me. I had to call several times to find out where my car was. Finally, a representative from the company calls and tells me that the car has arrived in TEXAS, but that they did not bring the key to my car with them. They requested my spare key, claiming that they would use it to deliver the car or it would take longer because they would have to go back to California to pick it up. I gave them my spare on the condition that they would drop off my car so I would have it sooner and return my key with their next shipment of cars, which PAUL (compulsive liar of Mountain Logistics) claimed would be in 4 days. We'll I learned quickly that both representatives of Mountain Logistics, PAUL and INDRA are both compulsive liars with no integrity that will give you the run around.

They never kept me updated about the return of my key, which is an expensive key because it is the KEY-LESS ENTRY or Electronic Key which costs over $300 to replace. I had to call constantly and they would claim they would call me back with an update, but never did. Finally when I got in contact with INDRA again he lied and said the shipment was delayed and they would arrive that weekend. Of course the weekend comes and goes and still no delivery. Then INDRA tells me to call PAUL about the return of my key and he claims on two separate occasions that he will return my call but never does.

They still refuse to return my key, which means not only am I out a $300 key after spending a large amount of money on shipping already, but they still have access to my vehicle, which is A BREACH OF MY SECURITY. They are LIARS and DECEPTIVE. They never planned on returning my key to my vehicle as promised, yet PAUL wanted to collect full payment for bad, irresponsible service upon delivery after collecting my spare key. That doesn't scream INTEGRITY to me. They are greedy.

I called WE WILL TRANSPORT IT to also try and resolve the issue and sales representative/crook BRAD was very friendly when trying to initially book the transport (obviously for commission), but when you call about an issue with their terrible service and business affiliates,LIKE MY CAR KEY BEING STOLEN, he becomes VERY NASTY and DISRESPECTFUL like many other customers on YELP have complained about. When I called on a second occasion about having my car key returned, he transferred me to representative SHAY who is also a compulsive liar that doesn't value customers. She claimed on several occasions that she would contact INDRA or PAUL to have the THIEVES return my CAR KEY, and would call me back, but she NEVER DID. BOTH COMPANIES EMPLOY CROOKS. I WOULD STAY CLEAR OF THEM and go with businesses that actually have good ratings with the BBB. WE WILL TRANSPORT IT has an F rating and they work with seedy crooks like MOUNTAIN LOGISTICS INC RUN BY PAUL AND INDRA.

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