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Mountain Bark, Inc.

Country Canada
City Okotoks, Alberta
Address P.O Box 1502
Phone (403) 995 2209

Mountain Bark, Inc. Reviews

  • May 15, 2017

I own a small business near Wainwright Alberta as well aas having had one in Saskacthewan

I have been buyin my bulk baled mulch from the same company since 2011 -

I put up my ads for $225. and got an email from my supplier:

"...It has been brought to our attention that someone in your market is advertising the bale for $225.00.

Our largest customer, RONA markets the bale for $259.00 so we cannot have other dealers sell for significantly lower than their price. We cannot risk our relationship with RONA as they represent a large part of our business.

Our product is a premium product and should not be retailed for less than $250.

00 per bale. Bulk Cedar Mulch of poorer quality sells for $50 to 60 per yard in Alberta, please try to leverage other qualities associated with the product offering other than just price.

If price levels are not respected we will forced to side with RONA.

If you would like to chat about this please give me a call.


Monte Christensen

Mountain Bark Inc.

Box 1502 Okotoks Ab

T1S 1B4

403 995 2209

403 586 2275 -cell"

I contacted Rona who confirmed they had no idea what my price was and had not complained. They sell thousands and I sell maybe 200 in a good year and 40 in a normal year.

PLUS Rona was advertsing, for the month f Mat, that they were only $220.15 a bale. So I was still more expensive than thaey were at $225.

MONTE CHRISTIENSON force me out of the mulch business.

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