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Motor Millions

Country United States
State Arizona
City Tempe
Address 405 West University Drive Suite 105
Phone 888-203 0164

Motor Millions Reviews

  • Mar 11, 2016

Dean Graziosi promises you'll make "millions" selling used cars. Once we got the package, we were disappointed with the lack of information. In the meantime, we got phone calls from a high-pressure salesman who wanted to enroll us in their "special plan."

The "special plans" cost from $1,000-$3,000 and "guarantee" hits to a website that MotorMillions will design for you. You go out and find people selling their cars and post the info on your website. MotorMillions "guarantees" hits and charges you (on top of the cost of the "plan") $1.50 per hit.

Obviously MotorMillions has a program that directs people with "pop-ups" to look at your website. Unfortunately, they could not tell us where the buyers come from.

We returned the merchandise under the "money-back guarantee" "no questions asked," etc. But after three phone calls, I was finally told it would take "6-8 weeks" for a refund, which is clearly against FTC guidelines, which demand refunds in 7 business days (or one billing cycle with a charge card).

After constant badgering, we got our refund 7 weeks later (less shipping & handling, which we knew about). In the meantime, they were "floating" our money and getting interest or other monetary advantages from using our (and others') money.

Bottom line: Waste of money! Save yourself the time and effort! It's a pyramid scheme!!

  • Mar 11, 2016

About a year after my mothers death in (my only living relative.) I purchased the Motor Millions kit in October of 2003 I saw on the TV spot. I received about 4 thin books that explained the basics in the used car business. A day Later Jerry Nyahay pitched a Selling used cars on the Net Program. I signed for the Platinum Level of their Website I also purchased the TV ad spot and the $2000.00 upgrade of Search engines. I was given no help or advice whatsoever on how to attract potential buyers and sellers to my web address. I had tried to get a refund twice from Motor Millions and they told me No. I had spoken to Jay Nettles the accounts manager there and he was very abusive to me on the phone when I had asked him for a refund. I called each of the Four Credit card companies at the Time that this had happened to me and they had issued me temporary refunds pending investigation. Because the Charges were legit(they record the credit transactions) the charges stood. Because of these people my condition on which I draw a disability check once a month has worsened and I have absolutely no credit rating and I do not even have the money to file bankruptcy if I could. If any one out there has had any results with getting any sort of a refund from Motor Millions would you please help me! Christopher Birmingham, Alabama

  • Mar 11, 2016

Tim Riberdy of Motor Millions LLC, called my home and promised to teach me how to broker cars. Set me up with a $5000.00 package that included 8 MSI Coaching Sessions, Tax Club USA PC disc, and shipping and handling of these coaching sessions. S&H = $345.00, Tax Club USA disc = $2000.00 MSI Coaching Sessions = $2000.00. Coaching sessions had nothing to do with learning how to broker cars MSI was only conserned with how to build a web site with was not what I was interested in learning, Whole thing was a complete lie! I have numerous other invoices that comes to over $5000.00 invested that includes a web site with guarenteed traffic and radio messages that was bought and paid for in Feb and March of 2003. To this point I have made $0.00 and have struggled to pay of the debt that Motor Millions created for me. Awesome program Dean! NOT!!! Stay away from this Business unless your looking for a complete loss!!!! Michael clinton, Iowa

  • Mar 11, 2016

Hey Everyone, Don't get involved with this company!!! I have been trying to obtain a refund from them for over a year. Now they will not return phone calls or emails. I am gioing to tell everyone I can and send info to BBB and Attorney General. Hopefully I can prevent other people from getting burned by this scam and get my money refunded. A copy of my email to the company on 12-29-2005. No response Please refund $1195.00 I paid for the Motor MIllions Kit. I had requested a refund on September 28, 2004. I first was in communication with Mr. Jay Nettles- Quality Manager. He then directed me to speak with Mary Gersten-Manager of Customer Service. I complied with the rules in requesting a refund and have received a check for $50.00 towards the balance owed. I 'm confident that you'll correct this matter by January 27, 2005. Brian Troy, Michigan

  • Mar 11, 2016

I entered into what I thought would be a good way to make money in a new and interesting way. I found out after I had given Motor Millions the money that there were fees to the seller of their car and the buyer of the cars that were not disclosed to me before they received my money. I was told that the seller would pay the Motor Millions company a 3% fee for selling their car. This was all that I was told. In actuallity not known before I found out that the seller also had to pay a $59 fee up front to Motor Millions. If the car sells then $45 of that $59 is credited back but the seller is then debited $190 off their credit or debit card. That the seller is told should be collected from the seller. My problem wit these above discoveries was that first of all they weren't told to me before they(Motor Millions) got my money. Motor Millions said to me "what do you care about that, you're not going to have to pay for these fees". What I don't like about it is that it will be much more unlikely that I will be able to make a success of this business when these fees are added to the sale of a sellers car and to the buyer. Motor Millions tried to tell me that the $190 is a fee that is charged to Motor Millions by eBay (which is where the car is automatically listed on) which I told Motor Millions that I bought a car on eBay before and I paid nothing more than what I bid on the car for. Gary Atwater, California

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