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Motor Home Specialist

Country United States
State Texas
City Alvarado
Address 5411 Interstate 35 Frontage Rd
Phone 817-790-7771

Motor Home Specialist Reviews

  • Jun 26, 2018

If you do not live within 1 hour of MHSRV, buy your RV somewhere closer to where you live. When you have problems, and you will, you're stuck!

We live 3.5 hours from MHSRV. When we arrived, 10/28/16 at 2:00pm, our 2017 Thor Outlaw RE was all set up. All 3 slides were out, the patio was down, all 4 tv'S were on, the radio on the patio was blaring. It was a rockin place! Cool.

First problem occurred at 6:03pm. MHSRV closes at 6:00. Couldn't get any of the 8 remotes we were handed during inspection to turn off the radio outside. Called salesperson, no answer. Text him "hey, the radio sounded great when we got here, but our neighbors aren't going to like us at 10:00pm tonite" He called back and told us to turn off sound bar manually. It was 9 ft above my husbands head! He had to climb up on the sink to turn it off. Not cool. (And that was the last day it was turned on)

9:30-10:00am, next morning. we started closing up the motorhome without help. 2 different men driving by on golf carts with tools onboard helped my husband with several different issues.

11:30 our salesperson invited us to lunch. Said someone should have stopped by to help us. This was our first motorhome. Wasn't there supposed to be a test drive?

12:00 leave for home 3.5 hrs away. Less than <75 miles away, check engine light comes on. Called MHSRV and was told to turn off motor home and turn it back on, we let fuel get too low. BS. Fuel gage was just below 1/2 and we turned it off to put fuel in it!

4:00 our 38ft dream home fits in our driveway!!! But, the adapter we were given to plug into 110 outlet doesn't work. None of the TV's work. We set it up for my husband to live in, and on Sunday, he drove it 84 miles away so he could go to work on Monday.

When I called MHSRV Monday with all the issues, I was told Camping World does all warranty work on the motorhome. And Rush Truck center does warranty work on the motor/chassis. Both places are one hour from our home. I made appt for AFTER Thanksgiving.

We still have a lot of issues, but that is my next complaint about Thor. Lesson learned ? Don't drive 3.5 hrs to buy something from someone who can't fix anything. All MHSRV does, is SELL.

  • Feb 13, 2017

Some time in the beginning of August we started looking on line to see about finding a Motor Home so we could go and do some traveling. After a few months of looking on line we found one we thought we really liked at Motor Home Specialist RV in Alvarado, Texas. The pictures on line reflected everything we were looking for in a large class A Diesel Motor Home. We eventually called the dealer and after talking and hagling about the price finally agreed on a price and started making plans to fly to Texas. We were in Utah and the dealer is in Texas. They demanded that we put a $3000.00 deposit on the unit so that they could hold it for us untill we arrived to inspect it and see if we wanted to purchase it. Both my wife and I work part time so it was a couple of weeks before we could make arrangements to fly to Texas which we eventually did. Reluctantly I gave them my credit card number for the $3000.00 deposit because from looking at the pictures the coach was everything we had been looking for. At no time did the sales person or anyone else from this company tell me during the inquries on line that my deposit would not be refunded if we decided not to purchase the coach after inspecting it. We flew to Dallas airport and were picked up by one of MHSRV's shuttle drivers and taken to the salesman that we had been dealing with. He took us by golf cart to the Motor Home we had placed the deposit on. My wife went inside and I inspected the outside and found a number of scratches in the paint. Upon closer inspection on the inside we found a laundry list of things that didnt meet our standards.They included the following but not limited to -- Scratches in the tile floor, induction cooktop caulked with white caulking which was pouring out of the sides of the black cooktop. A hole was cut into the toe kick under the sink and not covered up, the wood moulding came off when the individual showing us the coach opened the slide and he said oh wow I thought they had fixed that, a eight inch scratch on the leather passenger seat, torn wall paper behind the passenger seat, the combination lock to the door would not work, the dining room table almost fell off when we sat on the dining room bench seats which angled down more then needed and you kept feeling like you were going to slide off, there were several other things and when we mentioned the discrpencies to the sales people and the finance manager there, they told us to just take the coach to the factory in Indiana and they will fix everything. Well we are from Utah and didnt have time to go to Indiana to have everything fixed. At some time during our inspection of the coach the finance manager got involved and basically demanded that we purchase the coach or you forfeit your deposit. Prior to inspecting the coach the finanace manager wanted to have the rest of our deposit which was a hefty sum. They had wanted the deposit in a cashier check or have it wired to them prior to us coming there to inspect the coach but I refused to do that and to our luck i am glad we didnt agree to that as we would still be trying to get back $150,000 instead of the $3000.00 we placed on deposit in good faith. Had everything been good on this RV we would have had our bank overnight the deposit to us as we were staying at a motel right next door to the dealership as we figured that some things may need fixing but never imagined the laundry list of things we found wrong with the coach. When we were in the finance managers office he was on the phone with our personal banker back in Utah and basically demanded that she wire funds for the deposit which I am glad she was unable to do because we were not there to authorize the wire transfer. I didnt bring a cashier check for the down payment as I figured there would be some items that needed fixing and then our banker could over night the deposit to us in time to finish the transaction. The finance manager got very angry with our banker and with us for not bringing the full down payment as instructed by them or to have it sent to them prior to our arrival. Finally I said to my wife we are finished here at this dealership and grabbed our suit cases and walked over to the motel where we we going to stay. While at the motel i texted our sales man (David Garza) and asked him if he could get me into another coach of our choice but never got a response. We now had to make reservations to fly out of Dallas and back to Utah as we had planned to drive back.

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