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MorphoTrust USA

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Billerica
Address 296 Concord Road, Suite 300
Phone 978-215-2400

MorphoTrust USA Reviews

  • Apr 28, 2018

Simply put as the headline states. I am trying to get my HazMat endorsement done and have come across one of the many roadblocks the first being this company saying they wont accept legal physcial fingerprint cards made from my local county sherriff office costing $25, signed and dated by a law enforcement officer whom verified my identification already.

I will also point out that this company is a large scam and fraud! They are not a federal agency, state or law enforcement office, in fact I can run my own background check through the FBI for about $18. THis company wants 86.50 for verification and fingerprints to run the same background check. This is utter ludacris, and a clear form of abuse.

I refused to pay them the money and as a result cannot obtain my Hazmat endorsment. I am a truck driver by trade and need this endorsement for a upcoming contract. But since I cannot get verified any other way I feel this is a serious ripoff that will cost me future employment. PLEASE demand our coungress to remove this company!

  • Jan 18, 2017

This company is a total sham! They answer promptly on your initial call, and after they have charged you they will then make you wait a MINIMUM of 20 minutes before taking another call, I can only surmise anticipating a cancellation and request for refund behing this unwillingness to take future calls. Ironically, SEVERAL states are making it mandatory to use this companies services, aka KICK BACK city!

Additionally, they contradicted themselves on a few occassions regarding services renedered, and then became paranoid and upset once they though they were being recorded. ONLY shady people doing shady things panick whern recorded.

This company CAN NOT BE TRUSTED!!

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