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More Health Today

Country United States
State Texas
City West Hollywood
Address 718 N Kings Rd #313
Phone (888) 262-1677

More Health Today Reviews

  • Jul 8, 2017

On july 6, 2017 I attempted to order CBD Oil online at More Health Today. I agreed to order CBD oil. dIt was listed donline at "buy 3 bottles at $37.00 each and get one bottle free. That would be $111.00. It whowed up on my bank statement at $198.00 for Carrulla. I do not want Carrulla, I want CBD (3 bottles @ $37.00 each and one bottle free.

I cannot get anyone to answer 1-800-262-4544.

Help if you can, Thank You

  • May 26, 2017

I ordered CBd oil from this company. May 11, 2017 I read all material throughly . The first bottle was 5.95 and the other 2 bottles were 59.95 which they took out of my account. Today May25, they took another 79.95. I called and they said I had to cancel within 14 days if I didn't want the bottle . Well today is 14 days so I say I cancel and they said too bad , it's too late. Btw whoever I was talking to was an outsourced company. I say I want to return all 3 bottles which are unopened. She gives me an address which just happens to be down the street . A receptionist says there is nobody ever physically here for that company. There are several companies in there with just a receptionist . I have went to my bank to dispute as this is a fraudulent company . I hope it works

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