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Country United States
State Illinois
City Woodstock
Address 4315 Greenwood Rd Unit R
Phone 844-469-7849

MorbidStix Reviews

  • Feb 8, 2017

Ive already been screwed over by this company twice, first time it was resolved but took over a month and was something small, I ordered a version 3 controller pcb board and some clear version 3 button when the package came in I received version 1 buttons that didnt fit my controller, emailed them right away and was told they would send out new one, 2 weeks later, nothing. I emailed them again then they replied they were sending them again, then finally got confirmation email, guess they didnt do it when they said they were. Ok well I needed more controller pcb boards, no one else sells them but this company,

I was hesitant but still pulled the trigger on 3 WITH batteries, it took them a whole month just to ship them out, then another 4 days to get to me. When I opened the packaged there were 3 board but only 1 battery, I emailed them right away, no reply for the past week, giving them the benefit of the doubt, think theyre probably just busy.

2 weeks later still nothing and I get an email saying the package status has changed to shipped instead of awaiting fulfillment, So they just ignore my emails now wont send me the 2 batteries they stole from me, stay away from morbidstix, if they screw up they wont make it right, horrible customer service!!!

  • Dec 19, 2016

Shamboilc service

What a shambles... I ordered a blue chrome bottom with blue chrome top with dark blue buttons. I selected the 3rd option for the shell that the inner pillar is on the right. Took about 2 weeks to be shipped to me (UK) I found the order list first and they have circled the option about the inner pillar on the right and put not available. To the find out the shell they sent me was what I ordered but with the pillar on the left (Gen2) and gen 3 buttons. I was furious about this poor decision. I got straight onto the email and what I received from them was shit. I said to them, why did you send me a shell that isn't what I ordered, why dont they update their website and why wasn't I contacted about this. The response I got was, "im sorry for this but this is what we do when there is something out of stock"

I then tried to get a refund for the controller and he was telling me how to modify it to fit gen3. Throughout the email was typical 16 year old behaviour. Poor grammar and lack of professionalism.

Overall I would rather shit in my hands and paint my controller than order from MorbidStix. Fucking terrible.

  • Dec 5, 2016

I paid over a $100 for a modded controller from Morbidstix and when I recieved the controller the mods were glitching so I sent the controller back paying $13.00 for shipping and emailed the company to remove the mods and refund me back the money .After one week they sent me back the controller and no refund.I emailed them back asking when I should expect a refund ? They emailed me back saying that They used the money to remove the mods and paying for shipping .I end up loosing money because of their bad and poor job.

I recommend to everybody beaware from MorbidStix they are thieves and unprofessional.

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