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Country United States
State California
City Tustin
Address 15101 Red Hill Ave.
Phone 269-743-1340

Mophie Reviews

  • Oct 3, 2016

I ordered a new Samsung Galaxy S7 in May and simultaneously ordered a Mophie JUICE pack. I am 45 and have had several cell phones and I always protect them with a good quality case. Mophie claims to not only extend battery life but to PROTECT your phone as well. This summer, I was walking to my car with my phone in hand, tripped and dropped my phone. The mophie case popped off, which caused my phone to come in contact with the pavement, shattering the back. I contacted mophie CS thinking they would fix my phone AND replace my case. That was NOT what they offered. They would ship me a label so I could return the case and then they would ship me a new one. Yes, CS said the case IS supposed to protect the phone and NO the case is not supposed to pop off, but sorry we won't fix your phone. I asked for a refund of the $100 pd for the case so I could buy one that WOULD protect my phone, but was told I would have to go through Verizon for that. I sent the case in and received a new one, which took about 10 days door to door. I have subsequently dropped the phone on CARPET and had the exact same thing happen (case popped off and my phone fell out). I give up and will be ordering a cheap PROTECTIVE case from amazon!!

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