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Mopaba Express Trucking

Country United States
State Texas
City Hammond
Address 7933 New Jersey Ave.
Phone 219-205-2243

Mopaba Express Trucking Reviews

Most Useful Comment
  • Mar 14, 2017

Don't work for Sasha jankovic for any reason. He will steal your money. the equipment is not dot compliant. None of his trucks have air conditioning and he will refuse to fix it. He will have you pay for a hotel room but good luck getting reimbursed. He runs improperly registered trailers running on temp tags which is illegal and try to convince you it's ok to run under the dealer temp tags. Run away run far away from this guy if he attempts to hire you!

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  • Nov 30, 2016

I was hired by Sasha Jankovic ( owner) of these two companies as a regional truck driver. I was to deliver one load to Alabama and one load to Florida. We agreed on .45 cents a mile. In the beginning I was to pay for my own drug screen. Mr. Jankovic said I would receive these funds in return on my first check ($60.00). My first run began from Hammond Indiana, to Alabama then back to Hammond. During this time I am also due one hour detention pay ($75.00). The second run began from Hammond Indiana to Plant City Florida, Lake Wales Florida, back to Hammond Indiana. During this time I am also due two hours of detention pay ($150.00). When I confronted Mr. Jankovic about my pay (which is weekly), he said if you are due, I will pay. If not, there is advance. I completed two weeks of employment and was not paid even one check. I was supposed to leave on a Monday night or early Tuesday morning to again return to Florida for another delivery. Mr. Jankovic said your check will be ready on Tuesdat at 4pm. I thought how convenient. I would leave town for another week, so he rakes in another week of free work, on me. Turns out I am not the only truck driver that Mr. Jankovic has not paid. Sasha apparently has a long history on the Internet of not paying employees. Mr. Jankovic did say to me that he wanted to retire early. Never did I think he would retire eventually at every drivers expense. I never did receive one penny from this owner. Amount due to me, $2400.00.

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