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Moose Coons

Country United States
State Maryland
City Westminster
Address 72 S. Ralph St
Phone 410-876-8074

Moose Coons Reviews

  • Nov 23, 2015

I contacted Susan Blevins about adopting a Retiree. I spent 500.00 on getting this cat everything that she could ever want for, including Taste Of The Wild Cat food. Susan wrote to me in all caps and explanation points telling me I'm not to change the cats diet and how this cat has only ever been on, Abundance For Life. Well I told her I would gradually switch her over by mixing her food to, Taste Of The Wild. She went on how she knows her cat food is the best food and if that wasn't enough she also had the audacity to tell me I must also buy canned food. The food she wants, she makes money for everyone she signs up to buy the food. It cost an insane amount and the food I was going to provide is just as good if not better.

I have an Abyssinian and Bengal cats and it was highly recommended by their breeders, as well as my vet and sister in law that are vets to feed, Taste Of The Wild. It's grain free food that's high in protein but nasty mouth Susan wasn't having it and told me I couldn't get the cat after I told her on the phone that I would purchase high quality cat food. Then at the very last minute she asked exactly what type of good I'm going to feed her& when I told her, that's when she became nasty telling me off in caps and explanation points that I can't switch her diet. I told her she truly doesn't care about the cats but just cares about money and making money off her pyramid scheme for everyone else she can get signed up onto Abundance Life! Please do not support a breeder that's just out for money but go to someone that truly cares about the welfare of the breed.

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