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Moon Valley Nurseries Murrieta

Country United States
State California
City Murrieta
Address 36705 Briggs Rd
Phone 951-926-1827

Moon Valley Nurseries Murrieta Reviews

  • Feb 13, 2017

On January 14, 2017 my wife and I purchased two trees (lisbon lemon and mandarin orange) from Moon Valley Nurseries in Murrieta, CA. At the time of purchase we were offered a free landscape design consultation but were still charged $200 under the premise that we would get that same amount applied towards our total purchase.

The sales representative, Andrew Hahn, showed up at our residence an hour late on the date of the consultation appointment. Andrew left a few flags stuck in the ground and said that he would e-mail us a detailed design with pictures of suitable plants for our backyard. The delivery date came and we never received any kind of design from Andrew.

On the date of delivery (Feb. 11, 2017), the Moon Valley delivery truck arrived and proceeded to plant two trees, but upon further inspection it was determined (with certainty) that the trees they were about to plant were not the ones we had hand-picked at the nursery. We called the sales representative, Anthony, and he assured us that we would get the trees that we picked that same day. My wife waited two additional hours for the delivery truck to come back only to get two more random trees. At this point we were extremely confused about the whole situation and did not believe we would get the trees we ordered. We informed Anthony (one of the managers) that we were displeased with the service and wanted a full refund.

Anthony agreed to the refund but said that we would still have to pay $200 for the consultation which Andrew had carried out. We argued that Andrew had not shown up on time and that the trees he sent (twice) were the wrong ones. Additionally, we did not receive a design of any kind. Despite all this, Anthony insisted that he would not refund the consultation fee.

After a few more calls, Anthony agreed to discount the $200 consultation fee from the total price of the two trees if we agreed to re-schedule the delivery. At this point all we wanted was to avoid wasting my time suing the company and contacting the attorney general in order to stop this company from stealing people’s hard earned money.

The staff at Moon Valley Nurseries has set us back another week and has made the experience a total nightmare.

We are now waiting for deliver on Thursday (Feb 16), and are hoping that the trees we ordered are actually delivered as originally agreed.

We are extremely dissatisfied with the way in which the whole situation was handled and believe that the $200 fee for consultation should have been refunded when we asked for a full refund since the consultation was incomplete. We also believe that we should receive a significant discount from the total price for our troubles (taking the $200 consultation fee and discounting it from the total price is not a discount since we didn’t receive any kind of design from Andrew).

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