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Moon & Freeman Inc

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Piedmont
Address 310 Clearview Dr
Phone 864-233-3675

Moon & Freeman Inc Reviews

  • Jun 17, 2016

On May 2nd 2016, it was discovered our condensing AC unit outside was not working

May 3rd on the commute to work, a work van with the name Moon and Freeman HVAC met up at the traffic light.

The driver rolled down his window and a conversation ensued whereby phone numbers were exchanged, and at approximately 5pm that same evening, a previously introduced young man, Mr. Jeremy McMinn came by to examine the AC unit on the outside.

The first payment by check of $100.00 was given for Mr. Mcminn’s diagnosis of determining the compressor was “fried” due to apparent lightening storm the prior weekend.

The next evening Mr. Mcminn came by with pricing manuals labeled Moon and Freeman to give estimates and options .

He suggested that replacing the compressor only would be sufficient considering our unit was only purchased 5 years prior and basically everything else still seemed in working order. It was at this time when he told us the price would be total of $1278.00 and he would require half of the total amount up front to order and pay for the compressor and the Freon that would be needed from the parts distributor based out of Indiana and shipped to Greenville, South Carolina.

A second payment of $50.00 was then given for Mr. Mcminn’s time. During all of these meetings with Mr. Mcminn when we inquired to have everything in writing, he repeatedly stated he would work up everything and give us all the information and receipts so we may present this to our homeowner’s insurance company.

A few days passed in order for me to acquire the funds and when they were deposited into my bank account I sent a text message for Mr. McMinn to come by and get the check. As our normal course, 99% of communication was done by text messages.

He stated he would need an extra $100.00 because it was estimated he did not calculate enough for the Freon.

I replied back asking how much did this actually make the total now and he replied no change just up front more.

I then asked him if he would be making any profit on this and he said "honestly only a few bucks" so I then stated to him let’s just make it a total of $1500.00 giving an extra 200.00 for him.

He replied appreciatively and by that evening when he had not come to get the check I asked him if he was coming by and he stated he had an emergency with his child getting ill and would come first thing the next morning on his way into work.

He did come by around 7:45am on Tuesday, May 10th to pick up the $750.00 check and upon my review of my bank account it was discovered he had immediately came in to my credit union main branch and cashed the check.

At 6:40 pm on May 10th, he texted that he had ordered the compressor and had to check with them on Friday morning to see where it was. He stated he would give me a reference number in order for me to be able to track its progress.

This along with any other documents in writing never occurred though we pressed several times for him to give this to us as each day came and went.

Finally on Friday May 13th at 8:33 I inquired as to what was happening with the A/C progress, in which he texted back that he was waiting for the supply house to open. I had already discovered by telephoning them to check on the compressor order that they had opened at 7:30am and Mr. McMinn stated "Oh, I thought it was at 9am." I also note here that when I asked if they indeed had an order in for my home under my name, his name, Moon and Freeman's name, they said they had nothing at all.

He stated he would have an order number for me shortly but that he was at another service call so it would be a minute.

By 4pm that same day, I texted him again and he stated he was on phone with them right that moment.

I stated that I was getting impatient considering he had yet to give us anything in writing and no progress had been made.

Basically a texting argument began where I asked him how come nothing was even attempted and that I honestly didn’t believe he had actually used any of the money for anything in regards to my AC unit.

He stated he understood how frustrating it felt to not have cooling and I then stated it was not an issue considering I had rented a window unit but was actually upset regarding the fact that he kept evading the issue when we tried to get anything in writing from him.

To this day he has yet to even offer any type of repayment when I even gave a thief and con artist a 10 day time frame to get the money back to me. How much more decent could I have been to even pay 100.00 for his initial diagnosis and then 50.00 more for 30 minutes of his time to give us estimates and options when I found out that should have been a no charge option for me hiring them to do the job.

I may never get justice concerning Mr. McMinn and Moon and Freeman who said strictly it was not their responsibility what their employee does with their work van and pricing manuals that are kept in their work trucks/vans.

I had heard good things about Moon and Freeman upon my initial inquiry of them from my coworkers and friends but after I've told them what has happened they are all leary also.

I hope others do not fall into the greedy claws of these folks.

I'm so thankful I found another wonderful company to do the job but this mistake cost me $900.00. BUYER BEWARE.........

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