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Montrose Ford Lincoln

Country United States
State Colorado
City Montrose
Address 100 Merchant Dr
Phone 970-249-4576

Montrose Ford Lincoln Reviews

  • Dec 14, 2015

On June 3, 2015 my grandson and his parents were shopping for a vehicle in Montrose and found a 2011 Hyundai Sonata (vin #NPEC4AC3BH123844) at Montrose Ford-Nissan that appeared to be in decent shape and were assured by the salesman (Erik Eckman) that everything was working! After negotiating a price of $14,500 including the trade-in of my grandson's 1998 Toyota at $1,300, a $4,000 cash down payment and an auto loan for $10,188.18, they left the dealership with the Sonata and a $154.02 monthly car payment.

Initially the cool weather did not require use of the A/C but several weeks later my grandson found that the A/C was blowing hot air on a regular basis. The dealership was then contacted and an appointment was made to correct the problem.

The service department was unable to find any cause; however, they did create a $50 service charge for cleaning out the radiator, which they claimed would solve the problem. The vehicle was then driven around town and the A/C again stopped working, so it was returned to the dealership. It was then recommended that the vehicle be taken to a Hyundai dealership to be checked out because they now believed that it was an electrical problem and they were not equipped to repair it.

On July 15 the vehicle was taken to Grand West Hyundai in Grand Junction and the A/C system was found to have sealant in it (obviously added to correct an existing issue). To repair this problem would require the replacement of the entire A/C system at a cost of around $4,000.

The Hyundai was again returned to the Montrose dealership and the staff concurred that the sealant in the A/C was the problem and they would have to locate another vehicle of equal value to make an exchange, as they were not interested in taking on the expense of repairing the A/C unit. My grandson later found a 2011 Nissal Rogue listed on their website. He and his father then returned to the dealership to check it out with the salesman Eckman, where they all agreed that it would work for an even exchange.

Once again they returned to the dealership with the Hyundai to complete the even exchange for the Rogue. At that time the dealership's sales staff reneged on an even exchange and were determined to push the Rogue on them at a higher cost, actually increasing the monthly payment from $154.02 to $254, since the original down payment of $4,000 and trade-in of $1,300 were no longer a part of the deal! The sales staff could not explain or justify what had happened to the down payment and trade-in -- it was just gone, so any replacement vehicle would have to be less than the original sale!

My grandson then found a 2007 Nissan Murano on the dealership's website for $11,058, and with an additional down payment of $1,000 (in order to keep a lower monthly payment of $163.75), an exchange was reluctantly completed.

This ordeal resulted in my grandson ending up with a vehicle that was 4 years older with an additional 20,000 miles on it, travel expenses, service expenses, the loss of his $1,300 trade-in and his $4,000 down payment, all adding up to a loss exceeding $5,300 because the dealership initally sold him a defective vehicle!

In sent a written letter to Montrose Ford-Nissan requesting them to correct this injustice and refund my grandson's losses. I received a phone call from their executive manager who said they had basically done everything they could to correct this issue, were upset about my letter and were not obligated to do anything! I was then told not to call or communicate with them anymore!

Well, I guess we have a difference of opinion about their tagline: "Not Just a Better Deal - a Better Dealership"

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