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Monterey Financial Services Inc

Country United States
State California
City Oceanside
Address 4095 Avenida De La Plata
Phone 760-639-3500

Monterey Financial Services Inc Reviews

  • Feb 2, 2019

I purchased a puppy at Furbabies at 963 Eagle Ridge Drive, Lake Wales Florida, in Eagle Ridge Mall. I made the purchase on 1-30-2019. I signed all the hard copies, above the word “purchaser”. I specifically ask the owner if it was a finance because I had read an article about pet leasing. She told me that she doesn’t do leasing, that it was a purchase.

She then gave me an iPad type device, to sign and initial in several places. She scrolled down through the microscopic words to where I needed to sign and initial. She did NOT go over any details of my contract, she offered no information at all, and again, assured me that it was NOT a lease.

I brought my puppy home, then today, 2 days after my purchase, I get an email from Monterey Financial, starting it was a lease. It states that after the initial cost (1,150.00) that I would have the option to purchase the dog for 184.67 plus official fees, and taxes. What does that mean? Official fees?

I had no idea that I was getting a lease contract. I received an email, two days after signing a purchase contract, so where in between it turned into a lease. What happend to the “truth in lending.”

Credova, was who I applied through, then pet Funing, and Monterey comes on board. I am just sick over this. The owner specifically said, it was not a lease.

Also, I was told the 49.00 that was required at the time of purchase, was a deposit, why pay a deposit, when you’re actually purchasing? In my email from Monterey, it says the 49.00 is the first payment. First payment, or deposit? My daughter and granddaughter, was with me. I am not a Florida resident, I’m from WV.

Thank you for listening.

  • Dec 4, 2018

After going back and forth with EL CID through PROFECO for several months (Attorney General equivalent) we were able to cancel the timeshare contract but EL CID Vacation Club still forwarded a debt of $35,000 to Monterrey Collections Services (4095 Avenida De La Plata, Oceanside CA 92056) who harassed me and my wife for several months with phone calls and letters trying to collect the money that we allegedly owed. Monterrey Collections Services reported this debt in December of 2017 as a collection item in my credit report and my wife’s credit report and now (December 2018) the debt has increased to $44,467 due to penalties and interests.

After multiple disputes filed with Experian to remove the collection item from our credit reports based on the fact that the contract was cancelled in April 21, 2017 and we were released from any and all further liabilities with respect to the same, we have had no success in removing the collection item from our credit reports. Experian claims that the vendor (Monterrey Collections Services) came back saying that the item is accurate and therefore it can’t be removed from the credit report. We tried to contact Monterrey Collections Services directly and they have not responded.

We confirmed they received the letter because of the USPS tracking number receipt. We also filed a complaint against Monterrey Collections Services with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and this resulted again in no results. If this item is not removed from the credit report, the amount owed is going to increase to $72,000 by 2024 which is when the item will be removed from our credit reports. We need to resolve this serious issue, but we are running out of options. Please help.

  • Jan 26, 2018

My idenity was stole sometime last year. The person opened an account with Monterey Finanical. Of course the bill was not paid. Now they (Cass) Is acting like I did this, and in a really nasty effort. I have been trying to get it taken care of, but she has been increasingly mean.

  • Jun 9, 2016

Got a collections notification in the mail for an unknown charge. Looked the collections company online and saw many things online about them being a scam. So I never contacted them. I have never missed a payment on anything let alone having a medical bill for over $3000. Noticed a collection added to my credit from them. So I called them about the collection. The lady told me when it was from and to get it resolved I needed an explanation of benefits from my insurance. According to them it was probably billed to my insurance and was never paid. I told her I never saw a bill and she told me they never had to send a bill if it was sent to my insurance. So I called my insurance and they have no claim in that amount from them. The only records they had from that time were paid in full with exception of my co-pay. So I tried to call the collections company again with the information and was put on hold just to end up getting a voicemail.

  • May 19, 2016

We bought a dog through a company called wags. gave them access to our account for monthly payments. one year later noticed that a company called monteray finacial was withdrawing money every month. not recognizing the name i contacted my bank for asstance. they took back all the payments for the year till we could find out who they were. when we did the bank repaid the money. because i did this, Monteray finacial put me in the credit bureau sayiny account closed No ballance owed but one missed payment. so I filed a dispute with transunion. when i did they then revised the info to three missed payments and sold the account to another collestion co called south western investment group who were told a lie by Monteray that the ballance is more than the original loan. I can get no help in this matter even though my bank has proof that it was paid and i have the bank statements HELP.

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