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Monster Transmission

Country United States
State Florida
City Brooksville
Address 19370 Oliver St.
Phone 800-708-0087

Monster Transmission Reviews

  • Jan 1, 2020

Yes I bought a "New Transmission" from them. It had stripped out bolt holes I needed to repair., I called about how much ATF I needed to put in the trans they told me 12 quarts at $150,00 and the next day I had two quarts on the floor where it leaked out.

Also when I pulled the pan to replace the stripped out bolts the pan was full of sledge, metal shavings, and other stuff I could not figure out what it was, but I had two of my mechanics look at it and they both said that should not be in the pan of a new Trans. They also laughed when I told them it was a Monster Trans.

When I tried to call about the problems they told me that was my problem and their warranty did not cover stripped out bolts nor loss of fluid. I bought a 700R4 Transmission and spent $3.035.15. Plus I needed to pay for Heli coils, and spend the time to drill out and install the repair kits and now will need to buy new ATF.

Not sure how this company is still in business.

  • Aug 15, 2019

Purchased a transmission on 05/22/2019 or at least I paid for one. Was very specific as to what I needed. They sent they wrong one anyway. Days later they picked that one up. Weeks later they finally said they couldn't find one and I asked for my money back. Gave me some BS about clearing accounting and would take 7 to 10 days. I have a business and refunding a credit card is almost as fast as charging to one. A week later I called on the status and they said it would be 7-10 days. I told them I wanted it by that Friday or I would put it in dispute with the CC company. After that, they cancelled the credit. Haven't figured that one out yet. Anyway, after seing that Friday came and went and no money, I called them the next week and they said they would have to start the whole process all over again. I was frustrated but agreed until a couple days later when I started to think that they may not have the money to pay me and started reading the horror stories all over the web. So I reported them to the ICC or Ic3 as I'm told. A FBI run internet corruption case. Then I made a youtube video. I have been talking to the DA here and circuit judge and they both agreed to sign a warrant for Acilles and Curt Thomas for 2nd degree theft by deception but said a civil case may prove to yeild more. Now I'm talking with the different facets in the Brooksville community. Police now and then the DA, Sherrifs office and the circuit clerk. The BBB has no power and they aren't members anyway. I have on my list to place a nice big ad in their local paper. And there's more I can do. For those that read this, know that you may not get your money back but you can at least make them miserable. I think Acilles thinks he is untouchable because his customers are too far to mess with him. Just realize if he can find you, you can find him. But only use the facts and don't streach the truth. You shouldn't have to. If we don't call these people out, they will do it to someone else. I have absolutely no tolerance for lies and dishonesty and have no problem with going down to Brooksville and making sure the community knows who these people really are and how they are able to rent parks and have big parties and live the big life. And thats by taking the hard earned money from people and making it easy money for them.

  • Sep 12, 2016

I purchase a transmission from them for $1,600 they said they would have it in 4 weeks it took 9 weeks to rebuild and then when I got it it didn't even go in my vehicle is for a 1976 Thunderbird not a truck and the transmission is wrong and I cannot use it they refused to give my money back or contact me

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