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Monster Tiki Huts

Country United States
State Florida
City LaBelle
Phone 813-794-8454

Monster Tiki Huts Reviews

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  • Jul 24, 2016

The Post is a scam. Fake Review

Monster Tiki Huts is licensed & Insured Tiki Hut Builders. No contracts are signed forcefully and the person who wrote the fake review above is obviously a scam. . Monster Tiki Huts is a reputable company, with over 20 years of proven experience.

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  • Jun 2, 2016

I am reporting this company due to their deceptive marketing and false advertising. This company has used the name Palm Beach Tiki Huts in their advertisements and on their website "claiming" that this is their business and that they are "Palm Beach Tiki", which in fact THEY ARE NOT.

I wanted a Tiki Hut in my Backyard and I had asked a Co-Worker who built the one at their house. She told me "Palm Beach Tiki" , I searched the internet and I found Palm Beach Tiki Huts, West Palm Beach. I contacted them, scheduled an appointment and they came to my home for an estimate. However, I was very surprised when they arrived and it was MONSTER TIKI HUTS and not Palm Beach Tiki. But I was assured that they were the company that they claimed to be, meaning "Palm Beach Tiki".

It has now been brought to my attention after moving forward with this company that they HAVE NO AFFILIATION WHATSOEVER with PALM BEACH TIKI!!!!!!! This is a new company and they have NO REPUTATION at all in West Palm Beach or South Florida. I was tricked and now I am stuck with a Fly-by-Night Tiki Hut Builder who probably isnt a licensed Tiki Hut Builder or a REAL SEMINOLE Indian. Now, I have to worry about a Tiki Hut in my Backyard that had NO PERMIT and was Never APPROVED by Zoning Either. Not to mention the Tiki Hut that they built looks NOTHING like the TIKI HUTS in the portfolio that they showed me either. My Tiki Hut looks like a giant BLOB and one corner is already leaking. I have tried reaching this company By Phone and By Email and they have not responded. Plus there is NO OFFICE where I can Physically go to complain. Oh and by the way they are in LABELLE Florida which in on the other side of Lake Okeechobee, over 2 Hours Away from ME!!!!

As it turns out MONSTER TIKI HUTS was using another companies name that has been in Palm Beach County for over 20 years. I THOUGHT I was Contacting them, but thanks to INTERNET MARKETING and KEYWORD searches MONSTER TIKI HUTS was riding the coat-tails of a company that has been established for many years.

MONSTER TIKI HUTS should be ashamed of themselves for deceptive marketing practices and miss-representation. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A TIKI HUT, DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE!!!!

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