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Monro Muffler Brake & Service

Country United States
State New York
City Plattsburgh
Address 37 Smithfield Blvd.
Phone (518) 561-7231

Monro Muffler Brake & Service Reviews

  • Jan 19, 2018

Ok so the first time I went was for a oil change on the ford and Nissan I was told the ford needed a drivers side tie rod and and 4 wheel Allignment so I said ok I told them I didn’t have that kind of money after getting a price they suggested I apply for a credit card because it was a safety issue to drive the car and they said I would have to tow it out so I applied for a credit card got approved for 900 dollars I told them fix the ford I took the Nissan that same day for a oil change was told I needed brakes power steering rack front end work valve cover gasket thermostat upper and lower radiator hose was told the valve cover and thermostat was needed immediately because I was getting oil

into my spark plugs and the thermostat was leaking so I said ok just do the valve cover along with the spark plug tube seals and thermostat for now because I only had 400 dollars left on the credit card oh and the upper and lower radiator hoses so they did the work immediately after the mechanic pulled the car out I noticed no heat I went back inside they pulled the car back in and 15 minutes later the car was back outside drive home halfway home the car lost heat again I called the store was told to come back Monday mine you it was the coldest day of the year this was Saturday on Sunday I decided to check the car out noticed the car only had one new radiator hose we were charged

for 2 I noticed the air box was broken and the car was empty on coolant I also took checked the spark plugs they were covered in oil and the coils were covered in oil 2 I called corporate was told al was the big boss and he would call me so he calls and tells me to take my car to Amhurst nh so I did they check my car out I was upset the guy up there was rude and called al from the shop I didn’t hear what was said al gets on the phone with me and threatens to push my car out of the shop as it was taken apart from then checking what was wrong and leaving me stranded in Amherst nh so I begged him not to do that he said sit down and shut your mouth and let us fix your car so I did they

replaced the valve cover with the spark plug tubes because oil was in my plugs but they didn’t change my spark plugs they replaced the radiator hose I was charged for at the other location in Hudson but was never installed they replaced the radiator cap and they had ordered the air box which would be in the next day this was in Tuesday so after the work was done they pulled my car out asked for a receipt they said I couldn’t get one till the part they ordered was in I said ok I left driving home from that shop the car began to misfire and driving poorly I pulled over called the shop they said bring it back tomorrow we are booked I said ok I get the air box they installed it and asked

for paperwork again I was denied that because nobody was there to authorize it i called the The Lowell mass store spoke with Luis he says bring in the car after hearing abexperience with Monro they check my car tell me the car needs plugs and a coil and a radiator with a coolant flush and a 3 step fuel cleaning system calls the stores I had been to so he can see what was done at the Hudson nh store because the bill I had wasn’t broken down correctly he calls the Amherst store to see what they had done they tell him they knew my car needed a radiator but failed to tell me so Luis calls the district manager tells me they will give me the coolant flush and radiator for free but I would

have to pay for the coil and labor the plugs and labor and the 3 step fuel cleaner I refused at first didn’t wanna pay anything be again al got in the phone and threatened with pushing my car out of the shop and not doing anything if I didn’t accept his offer so I said do it spending another 456 dollars I take the car after it being fixed it has no coolant the next morning I call corporate they said someone will call you I requested that al not call me because he is Unreasonable they said ok guess who calls me Al says what’s the problem now says how do you know it’s something we did your crazy and so on so I tell him to fix the car and that’s that keep in mind I still don’t have paperwork from

Amherst or a detailed bill from Hudson nh I was supposed to bring the car on wed couldn’t make it was working called spoke with Luis says I won’t be in Thursday but they other guys will be in I said ok thanks I take the day off from work missed 3 days total because of Monro he tells me to get there at 8 am I get there at 745 in the morning there’s a guy there I recognize from my last visit I told him my car was not repaired correctly and Luis said they would check it he said I’m booked and I don’t know what to tell you I said I was told to be here so check it out he brings the car in leaves it running for 30 minutes I’m the garage with the hood up calls the manager Al and tells him nothing wrong

with the car he checked it and I’m all set al calls me yelling and telling me that I’m making stuff up my car never had a problem after the Lowell store fixed it and not to ever go back to any of his stores that Monro doesn’t want or need my business I told him to go to hell and I would see them in court I went inside the store and told the guy who said he checked the car and called al the first time to please take my car out the shop and he did I asked for paperwork again showing I was there today he said Al his district manager said to push or pull my car out and tell me to leave they ain’t gonna look at my car anymore so here we are 1200 dollars I debt 4 days missed of work and cars still

leaking coolant great job Monro where’s my paperwork i requested 100 times where’s my refund I asked for which was declined and why did al call my phone after I requested he stop calling me because he was verbally abusive towards me

  • May 31, 2017

Coupon for a $29.99 oil change turned out to be $ didnt advertise hidden costs on coupon or website!

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