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Country United Kingdom
State England
City London
Address 203-205 The Vale
Phone 020 8742 9002

MoneySmartCo Reviews

  • Jan 14, 2016

My name is Michelle D. Ferrer, I’ve worked for Money Smart Co Limited for 6 months doing outbound calls to help customers in UK to process their claims for PPI and PBA. When we started the campaign the training days were not paid and they oblige us to generate 2 leads or possible clients in an hour without giving us a leeway since we just started taking calls and the training is just 2 days. The Clients, Mrs. Ramandip Kaur and Mr. Serg Sakarov automatically deactivates the account when targets are not met in a week after the training when in most of the BPO industry actually have ‘Nesting Period’ for the agents to get to know more about the program and given at least a month to meet their targets. Money Smart requires us to meet targets right after training and threatens to deactivate the account and remove an agent from the program which is so unfair. There are times when we work during our rest days and generate leads but they never paid us. We work overtime to do callbacks as customer requested to call on a particular time which is already outside our shifting hours but no overtime pay given. I’ve been a performer and hit my target and even exceed it and was offered a promotion for a Team Leader. I was taking in calls and doing admin tasks at the same time. They advised that I will take calls and have 2 hours admin but I am forced to take calls full shift while doing TL tasks at the same time because they want us to hit active time or dialed time of 7.5 hours without considering that I am doing admin tasks, coaching and call listening for my agents. They said I will be confirmed and will be given salary increase. The promotion was announced October 5 and advised that the confirmation will be after 2 months that it will be official but they just let it pass. Every time our President/CEO ask about my confirmation they just told him that they will still review my performance and to give them a week until 2 months ended and we haven’t heard about it. I continue doing my task as a team leader and agent at the same time.

When we started the database that they provide are good and we can generate leads and hit targets but starting October the database was really bad. We are getting high volumes of voicemails and most of the customers already registered under TPS but still we are able to contact them, some customers are already deceased but yet they are still active in their database. Then they started to deduct invalid leads or sales from us for $10 each which is not fair because they don’t provide reason as to why it was invalid and when I listen to the call I am able to found out that it is a valid lead, it’s just that they don’t listen to the call completely and tag the lead as invalid. They want us to use the name of our contact center instead of their company name when calling customers which I unfair and they don’t allow us to provide their company information to customers for verification which we find questionable.

We observed that every month that we will bill then and will send them the invoice they send out hundreds of invalid leads and wants us to deduct it on the invoice which is unfair. It seems that they don’t want to pay us the right amount and wants to pay less instead when in the first place we are providing quality leads.

Last January 7, 2016 at exactly 9:30 they asked us to log out from the system then when we tried to log in again we cannot log in anymore and got an error that the account is already disabled. They deactivated all the 14 active accounts we have without prior notice and due process.

Money Smart Co is not treating their people right and fair and they must be one of the scammers who just use people’s skills to earn money then suddenly disappears. They have to be given proper actions and must pay the service that we have provided.

We look forward to hear from you regarding this case and please do action to prevent this from happening again because they might be looking for new centers and make them a victim.

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