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MoneyLion, Inc.

Country United States
State Utah
City Sandy
Address P.O. Box 1547
Phone 1-888-659-8244

MoneyLion, Inc. Reviews

  • May 19, 2019

Money Lion refuse to liquidate my investment account . I recieved a loan from Money Lion in January of 2018 .Which i paid off in December 2018 . Which they continue to charge me a membership fee . $36.36 .i call and cancel investment account and request my funds be transferred and the told me i had a past due balance on a membership fee from my loan .

from January 2019 to the present and the will not liquidate my investment account . Loan was paid off December 2018 .which ended membership fees of life of the loans. So they told me in order to get my investment account funds i have to pay membership fee s first ...

  • Mar 9, 2017

MoneyLion, or originated out of New York. This company has an office where customer service agents, and underwriters work at 8610 S Sandy Parkway in Sandy, Utah 84070. The management is corrupt and discouraged customers from reading the promissory notes, and terms and conditions which will outline the high annual percentage rate charged for most the these installment loans in the amount of 645%. They seek out and prey on those they consider subprime or slime lenders with credit scores below 300. They are depending on most of the customers to not read the terms and conditions. Many of the clients are outraged when they do discover the outrageous interest rates they are being charged, then call customer service to take their anger out on the reps, when they could have avoided this foul relationship in the first place by reading the terms and conditions.

The managers of the office are Carol, Diane, and Chris. Chris is a married man who flirts with most of the women in the office, and seeks their attention. If you do not comply with Chris's wishes, you are fired on the spot. This is not a company to do business with or work for.

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