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Money Tree Lead Systems

Country United States
State Missouri
City Springfield
Address 333 S Jefferson Ave
Phone 888-567-2350

Money Tree Lead Systems Reviews

  • Jun 25, 2019

Sounds like I got suckered into a scam just like some others did. I wish I would have read the complaints on this site before I made the bad decision I did. The story is very simalar to the others also. I got lured into Money Tree Lead Systems from an internet webinar put on by Mike Oddo. I have got to say, he rolled out the Bullshit rug for everybody in the room. He made it sound like we were going to make more money than we have ever seen before (actually Mr. Dillon Dabbs did make that promise). Well. you know what they say "If it sounds to good to be true", I should have have went with my gut on this one. I wasnt 100% sold on it till Dillon Dabbs got me on the phone and worked his magic. He ended up convincing me to sign up. He said his reward would be my endorsement of him beacause he is going to generate all this money for me and my partner. Now. I wonder how many others have heard that BS line, lots I'm sure.

After we paid $995.00 it took about three weeks before we decided to call and see whats going on. Amazingly enough the one person at armls wasnt in so he could not get the ball rolling. Being that I know armls I decided to call and guess what? The person that makes those decisions was there. He will be named later in a law suit, I hope.. But of coarse now there will be more fees....After more time went by without anything happening we contacted them again. Now they are working on our site but its not ready. What a JOKE!!! This is just the beginning of one of the worst business transactions I have ever made. I dont want to give to many details because they are going to come out on a different platform. I know there are several others out there because I have seen them and spoke with a few of them.

Lets all get together and get a class action lawsuit going so we can end this predators career. I will be posting in linkedin so start your search there.

I would like for whomever runs this site to put the complaining parties in touch with one another so we can put an end to the poor practices of Dillon Dabbs and Money Tree Lead Systems..

  • Jun 25, 2019

This company is trying to sell a lead generation website to Real Estate agents, beware they have Hidden Fees which include the third party fee to venders (agents are not charged this fee by the MLS since it is include in their dues) Another Hidden fee that they don't tell you about is that Goggle Ad-words, the adwords are not included in their price for the website.They want me to spend $500.00 more each month for the goggle adwords. When I first talk to them they wanted to charge me $995. for their System but reduced it to $698. I was so disapointed when I saw the website and had to have them remove several of the thing they had on the website that I did not deal with as an agent deal. Please do not waste your money. If you are thinking of spending over $700 dollars for a lead generation website this is not the one you should use. There are much better advanced websites that produce leads than this one and cost less. I signed up with them to get a lead generation website because Dillion Dabbs told me I was paying to much for my other website, which in fact was not true it cost less because he did not mention the hidden fees that are not included in their price. When I saw the website they produced for me my heart is very generic. Most of the things that they tried to sell you like agent retention is nothing you need. I was told that it was a month to month contract but when I tried to cancel Dillion told me I had to give me 90 days. My mistake was that I belived Dillion and did not fully read the agreement. Really....I feel that I needed to placed this on the internet, so that anyone considering buying their website would read this and reconsider and not waste their money like I did.

  • Jun 25, 2019

Money Tree Lead Systems - Steer Clear!!! Money Tree Leads contacted me promising a 90 day money-back guarantee to try their services. Here's how it works:

Real estate broker or agent signs up for one of their real estate lead generation web sites and commits to 90 days plus commits to spending a total of $3,000 on Google PPC (through Money Tree, who manages the PPC campaign)

Susbscriber must spend $3,000 on PPC through Money Tree Lead Systems during that 90 day Guarantee period- this is to drive traffic and "ensure success of the trial."

If the susbscriber isn't "blown away" by the results in the first 90 days, you get a refund of your monthly subscription rate for the site ($1,000 per month x 3 months) but is not entitled to any refund of the funds spend on Google PPC.

I am now over 60 days in and I have been trying to get them to give me my "Guarantee" period start date and end date in writing since day one but they have continually stalled me. Now that I am 2/3 of the way through my guarantee period and things are going badly they are trying to say I don't qualify because of a mistake THEY made in starting my PPC campaign. If there was a problem they should have said so two month ago. During this entire two month period they have never said I didn't qualify for the guarantee until our relationship became so strained that they must have figured I was going to take advantage of the guarantee and ask for my money back at my first opportunity, then all of a sudden, once they had all of my subscription fees they tell me they will not honor the guarantee (in anticipation of me attempting to use the guarantee for a refund).

An item that is noteworthy is that the guarantee says I have to spend $3,000 on their managed PPC program during the 90 day guarantee period. Two weeks ago Dillon tried arguing that I am not on track to spend $3,000 because THEY started my campaign late, so I might not qualify for the guarantee. I responded by instructing them to charge my credit card for the remaining balance and accellerating my "spend," so that I spent the $3k by the end of the 90 days as agreed. That is when they all of a sudden said said I wouldn't qualify anyway, even after I figured out how to legally comply with the terms of their Guarantee Policy even though THEIR mistake is caused the discrepancy. I'm still trying to figure out how to get away from this company and also recover my losses. I may hire an attorney in Springfield, Missouri to pursue my rights. ANOTHER ONLINE SCAM. STAY AWAY FROM MONEY TREE LEAD SYSTEMS!!!

  • Nov 9, 2016

Decided to sign up for their service to help generate leads. This happened on a Thursday, by Monday they sent me paperwork that needed to be signed and approved by my broker (which I was not explained to during their sales pitch). My broker refused to sign, as is his right. I contacted them to cancel my service since my broker's wouldn't allow it. Money Tree Leads refused to refund my money saying they had started to work on my site in that week although I had not given them any information as they were waiting for the remaining paperwork to be signed. I felt misled and ripped off for the way they treated the situation. I also called and spoke with another agent they had on their site as an example who had cancelled their service and did not feel their cost was worth it. I would never do business with this company and would recommend all other agents find another means to generate business.

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