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Money Smart Co

Country United Kingdom
State England
City London
Address 203-, 205 The Vale
Phone 44 20 8742 9002

Money Smart Co Reviews

  • Jan 14, 2016

Hi,my name is Charmaine Zapanta,a Lead Generation Specialist from the Philippines and I would like to complain MONEY SMART CO for mistreating us employee of 3S offshoring and Outsourcing.First of all,mostly of our calls are under TPS,which is violating the rules of those under Telephone Preference Service.Secondly they are requiring us to generate 2 leads per hour,unpaid Holidays and working even New Years Eve.Third,we are unpaid for the 15 minutes break,extra that we have the right also to go on break because according to the Agreement we are supposed to be paid for those break schedule.

Fourth,mostly of my leads generated are invalids without proper deliberation and once we do callbacks to those Consumers,only to find out that they've received the package and even signed it and ready to returned the form to the origin.They've also deducted those invalids from us amounting to $10 from our invoice.Money Smart Co also terminates agents without prior notice and due process.They don't want also to provide their company name and number to the Customers.

The first few weeks that I am working for this campaign,i've already noticed that on the opening script we are saying that this is not a sales calls but actually we are doing "SALES" on behalf of MONEY SMART CO,which is wrong because they will charge every consumer upon a succesful claim they had.And even Require us to use "3S Center"instead of Money Smart Co,when the customer asked from where we are based,they actually told us to say that we are from the Philippines ,so the Customers can no longer complain their company.

  • Jan 12, 2016

Hi, my name is Hannah L and I've been with Money Smart Co. for 6 months now and doing outbound calls as an Outbound Lead Generation Executive. Unfortunately they are not good and giving invalid Leads for no reason. They observe the call (QA) impolite without even noticing and listening to the whole call, and giving invalid leads repeatedly. They also claim that they are regulated by the Claims Management of the Ministry of Justice but they are not. They are changing policies every now and then, They don't want to provide us the phone number of their company, terminating agent without due process, Accusing agents that they are in the progress of call for an hour just to meet the active time. The company also deducts 10$ Salary invoice for the invalid Leads which is not fair because they did not properly explained as to why as the Lead has been invalid.

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