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Money Saving Central

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State Alabama
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Money Saving Central Reviews

  • Apr 9, 2018

Today I was paying some bills and noticed a fee charged to an account that is closed. The account was closed because someone had made some fraudulent charges in another state on it and the bank notified me and said they would cancel the card and send a new one. I am at fault here for not paying more attention to the charges on the card, thinking I had just been using it a little more than I realized. I contacted the bank and they gave me the number of this company I had never heard of.

I believe it was one that called last year and wanted to send me a packet and a Walmart gift card. I used the card I did because I knew it had a relatively low limit on it and figured they couldn't do too much damage if it was a scam. I actually felt bad for the girl that called and that was why I even gave them any information at all. I do take partial responsibility, I should have known better. I was told at the time that they would send me a packet in the mail with a, I think, $500 Walmart gift card. I never received a thing! Yet, they have been charging me the $24.95 a month for a service that, as far as I can tell, is non-existent.

I spoke with them today and they said they are sending me a refund application. I don't believe I will ever receive it because I never received the packet they said they sent, whatever that was. If they make good on it and refund my money, I will come back and let you know, but my hopes are not high. I had to speak to four people before I could get one of them to actually speak with me to where I was satified with what they were going to do. The first two, spoke about four sentences to me then transfered me over to a "great free vacation" deal. The third one, I asked her to just let me speak to a supervisor and she said she'd transfer me. I waited on the line for over five minutes, and the line was cut off.

If this is a legitimate company, they should really work on their customer service aspect!

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