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Country United States
State Florida
City Doral
Address 3470 NW 82nd Avenue, Suite 910
Phone 1-844-696-6628


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  • Nov 25, 2015

I ordered some very expensive hair care products from the direct sales company; Monat Global.

I have seen pictures of people who claim they have had excellent results that have changed their hair so I thought I would give it a try.

I decided to be a VIP member so I didn't have to pay their high shipping rates and the 3 month membership was $20.00. The total cost of my first order was $90.00 for 3 hair care products.

I tried the products for just shy one month and tried to reach out to my distributor (this is a direct sales comapny) and never heard back from her. I called the company and left messages no one ever got back to me.

I tried to cancel my autoshipment online but their website does not allow you to cancel any autoshipments you have to call. So I decided to email them to have a record of my account cancellation.

I received the autoshipment despite my cancellation. The product was shipped FEDEX and I told the FEDEX driver that I did not want the package to send it back and she said she could not do that.

Then I called Monat and told them that I had received another shipment and after waiting 45 minutes on hold the customer service gal gave me an RMA number to return the product.

So then I had to go to the post office and pay for the shipping out of my pocket. I did get a tracking so I knew when the product had been received by Monat. I saw that I only got refunded for the 2nd shipment and not the first shipment and they paid me less shipping of $9.95 and it cost me $15.00 to send the product to them.

Then just today I saw that they charged my credit card for yet another shipment and I immediately called the company to stop the shipment and they said "sorry it's too late". They advised me that I could reject the shipment but I know better because I had already tried to do that without success.

I told them to refund me the $81.00 because it was their error and they said they could not refund me until they got the product back from me.

So now I'm out the $81.00 and I will have to pay to ship this back to them another $15.00 and then they will deduct another $9.95 from the 81.00 costing me antoher $25.00 for their error.

To date this means I have NO PRODUCT and I have paid Monat Global $140.00 to try their product which does not work any better than some of the higher end products you can purchase at a salon for 1/2 the price.

This company has horrible customer service! Stay clear unless you like throwing money and time away.

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  • Oct 21, 2017

Stay away from this company

Whether this product is good or not - the company is HORRIBLE. You cannot reach anyone by phone, email or letter. I have called and been on hold so long each time that I just give up. I have sent emails and get generic responses each time stating someone will get back to me but they never do. I sent two letters via FedEx requiring signatures and each has been sent back to me. I bought a $399 starter kit and after hearing horror stories from friends and family members (days prior to receiving the product) I decided to send it back and get my money back. it's been almost a month and I cannot get a response out of anyone. This 30 day money back guarantee is a joke. DO NOT order anything from them. To me this business won't last and is a complete sham.

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  • Feb 7, 2018

I called to explain that the hair product was not working for me and hadn't been for several months. I had continued to order because my MP told me it was detox and I'd need to go through the entire phase to get results. I believed her. When my hair started falling out, I immediately called company and insisted on refunds for the past 4 orders, most hadn't been opened. The agent gave me 4 different RA and promised that money would be refunded. It is now a month later (over) and no refunds. I checked and box with all product was delivered. They have said they received it but it is out of return window. I explained (for the 10th time) that I knew that, the first agent knew that and that I was experiencing drastic reaction from the product.

They are just telling me, after an hour or so on hold waiting for yet another "supervisor" that I am outside of the return window.

I just wanted my money back because I don't have time for a lawsuit. But this company is shady! I hope no one else falls victim.

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  • Jan 31, 2018

Worse customer service ever. I joined monat as MP at the end of November. When product pack was offering free shipping.

I got charge for shipping. My pack did not get delivered to me for a month. I had to call many times to get it. finally I got it after about 5 weeks from purchase date. I didnt get my shipping refund till today many calls made but every time all I hear lie that sorry you will get it soon or system is down. My card also got charged again random in December. Which made me so upset only on last call i got that charge refund buts still waiting on shipping refund.

Supervisor answer was call canada post to find out my missing parcel.

This is not acceptable they made mistake and rather than sending me new pack asking me to chase canada post. another time supervisor response we are new company. ha ok but if you can see in your system i am not lying why you cant solve my issue in months. Insane I am so upset

Worse company ever I dealt with. My hair is long and beautiful but since I am suing Monat I am questiong prodcut many time but still using it on name of detox form last 5 months, charging extra on my card and not getting refund make me nervous.

I wish Monat can compensate me for my time I wasted with customer support who really sound like bunch of laughing kids behind the computers and I really hope Monat can take my review to improve their service.

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  • Jan 6, 2019


I’ve been getting generic emails for the past two weeks about my refund about how they created a case for me and I should wait 5-7 days for someone to get back to me. I’ve had 3 cases created now and I’ve never been so frustrated in my life. All I want is my refund.

  • Jun 18, 2018

I bought this product because I posted how one of the shampoo I was using was helping my hair not fall out by the handful during each shower session. Three friends decided to tell me to try Monat instead because it's so much better and will help my hair grow and get a full head of hair way faster. I was skeptical because I was getting tired of the independent distributors out there. Two friends and a husband later, I went and found a distributor and she recommended two types, cost me $105.33 total.

Order was placed on 4/8/2018. After three usage, I was pulling out handfuls (and I'm not exaggerating when I say a whole handful) of my hair like I was going through chemo therapy. I immediately contacted her and she told me she couldn't refund me and that I would have to contact Monat. No sympathy or "sorry", just a "I stand behind this company" as a response to me. Didn't tell me how to contact them or where to send the products. Finally I googled how to contact them and got an RMA on 5/22/2018. My tracking shows received by Monat on 6/4/2018. I then get an email the next day that my order has been cancelled. I found that odd since it should say we're processing your refund. I check back on 6/19/2018 on my refund and they tell me "Refund not honored. RMA requested past the guarantee period. Items returned were not in resalable conditions."

Now why would their website have no information on return policies, generate an RMA if it's already past their guarantee period, or even generate an RMA when I told them on the phone AND via email that my hair started falling out after using their product? I mean, I told them I used the product so of course it's not in "resaleable condition."

This company and its representatives do not give you the whole story nor do they care about doing the right thing. DO NOT buy from this company unless money grows on trees for you and you're okay throwing $50+ at one small bottle. In this case, you don't get what you paid for.

  • Oct 11, 2017

Poor Customer Service

Monat Global doesn't even deserve one star. They don't respond to emails, and they never answer their phone. Each time I call I go into a eternal hold. Because of this horrible experience (for 7 days now of no response) I have elected to cancel my membership. It was initially a question about auto ship. This is absolutely the least accountable company I have ever dealt with. Horrible service.

  • Dec 30, 2016

I have been a member of Monat for over two years now, at the insistance of my hairstylist. She likes the product because it claims to make hair healthier and it is all natural. i have tried Trissola products, too, and Trissola has a superior hair masque and shampoo which seems to me about the same, although my hairdresser swears that Monat is better for the long term health of my hair.. The men's shampoo/conditioner and the hair masque cost me $103 per month, including shipping and tax. Trissola costs about half that.

Monat usually sends me a letter confirming the info for my shipping each month. Each month I accept, cancel, or modify the shipment before sending. This month they just sent the order without confirming. I wrote back within half an hour telling them I was on vacation and to ship to a different address. I got back an automated email telling me I'd get an answer later. The next day I wrote again, telling them to ship to a different address and asking them to confirm that they had done this. I got back another automated letter telling me they would get back to me.

I called the third day and after a long wait, got through. I was told they tried to get through to FedEx to reroute the order, but that Fedex needed to talk to me to confirm. I called FedEx. It is very difficult to get through to FedEx; if you ask for a callback, they will ring the phone for perhaps 10 or 15 seconds before they hang up. After playing phone tag with Fed Ex for four hours, I got through. I gave them the tracking number provided to me by Monat. FedEx told me it didn't have enough characters to be a tracking number. I called Monat in the afternoon and asked for a callback. They called back at 8:45 p.m. and hung up before I had a chance to answer the phone.

I called Monat back and waited 45 minutes before I asked for a callback and hung up. They called 4:55. I told them I couldn't talk because my battery had run down because i it on for 45 minutes waiting for them earlier. Could they call me back in 10 minutes when I had a chance to plug my phone in? Ummm ... no, they couldn't. It was now 4:55 and they were going home in five minutes.

I tried FedEx again and was now able to find my package and get it rerouted to my temporary address. I called Monat and asked them to pay the rerouting charge ($13) and ask them to do something for me for my trouble, to send me a free shipment. They apologized for the inconvenience, but refused to pay for the rerouting or to send me any free product.

Monat shampoo is only marginally better than Trissola shampoo. Monat hair masque isn't as good as the Trissola masque. if you are having trouble with your hair, you are a lot better off ordering Trissola from A***** and avoiding Monat like the plague.

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