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Mommy Jobs Online

Country United States
State Oklahoma
City Oklahoma City
Phone 405-418-6160

Mommy Jobs Online Reviews

  • Jul 26, 2019

This company is just another scam that is poorly ran and steals hard working mothers' money for nefarious purposes. I have went online to the mommyjobsonline website where I've applied for jobs and received messages that I have been selected for a job by email. When I respond to the email no one responds back.

When I call the (405) phone number the people who answer can never answer my questions regarding the emails I receive stating I've been selected for a position. When I speak to their online chat representatives I am met with the same incompetency. They have proven several times they have no capability to provide adequate assistance. They never have any answers to basic questions and take over 10 minutes to respond back to each question. Basically they wait customers out until we get so frustrated we disconnect from the chat.

They post numerous position for the same position over and over again to make it look like they have a multitude of jobs waiting for potential work from home mothers, but in actually these jobs do not exist. They are taking advantage of mothers who are looking for the perfect opportunity to work from home while caring for their little ones, how DEPRAVED! This business needs to be thoroughly investigated for deceptive business practices. Please don't spend your $85.00 for this fraud.

  • Dec 5, 2018

Lanette is a self promoter of Mommy Jobs Online to collect money from suspecting job seekers.

This company is an absolute fraud. I truly hope you found this post and protect yourself from purchasing any of the services Lanette at Mommy Jobs Online is trying to post.

Here's the process:

1- Lanette Smith (not sure it's the real name) will post jobs on EVERY job board looking for customer service, tech support, work from home types of positions. These job descriptions are fake.

2- All applicants to the job postings will get an email encouraging them to go on and get exclusive access to jobs just for them. The reality is there are no jobs. The jobs you get EXCLUSIVE access to are not REAL. They are fake. She keeps your "membership" moeny and you are left without money and without a job.

3- FILE A CREDIT CARD DISPUTE - if you have been sucked into the trap, be sure to file a credit card dispute.

Your credit card company will demand mommyjobsonline prove they are legit, and they can't, so you will get your money back. I did this and it was the best choice.

Never do business with Mommy Jobs Online. It is a SCAM

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