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Mola Movers

Country United States
State Georgia
Phone (404)-453-2171

Mola Movers Reviews

  • Jun 17, 2018

The beginning was easy Mr. Cleo was friendly when he came and gave us an estimate. The probems started a few days before the move. We had paid about 4-5 weeks before the move a downpayment of $1000. They ask for more moeny a few days before the move. Than they came hours late. It was total chaos, when I got home from work. My husband and daughter were with them while packing but Cleo had 9 people most of theml he never work with before. My huband said it was impossible keeping track.

They didn't mark any of the boxes they had packed that day. We moved a huge house and barn. Some stuff was supposed to stay in storage at origin, some went to the house at destination some into storage at desination. Without the boxes marked we could not find anything. They also did not follow any logical routine in packing things together. Not by room, not by use no pattern.

When I entered my house that night, I notices a broken keep sake from my daugthers decest cat on the floor. Her paw print in a middle of trash they had gathered. In there was also the keep sake letter from the cremation company. Another not yet broken piece from our dog was there as well. Both pieces had been in our china carbinet. I ask Cleo how that got broken and both pieces on the floor. He didn't eve pay me attention at that point. He couldn't care less!!! Meanwhile our daughter was devistated about loosing the precouis memory.I should have kicked him out right than.

I called the company next day to see if we could get a replacement. But no pawprints get safed.

Tuesday night he called again for more money, at this point we had paid about 50% of the entire move and we were far from being packed up and loaded. The move also was supposed to include 3 cars. Tuesday, second day of move, they started late again like 11 or so. All movers I had dealed with before wanted to be there at 6 or 7. They said around 9. They called for more money and told us left to start a job in FL. We still were not all packed up. They were supposed to be finished and on the way to Colorado latest early Wednesday morning and my husband and son already booked their flights to arrive in time for them in Colorado. Cleo than told me if I don't pay they will just unload the truck they loaded in my yard. We paid again now having covered 75% of the move still not all packed or loaded or even on the way. Cleo and crew still in FL WORKING A DIFFERENT JOB! He finally agreed to come back finish the job Thursday and leave. We canceled the cars with them, we were a nervous racks at that point. Cleo told me he has to pay his crew and the trucks and fuel to get to Colorado to move my stuff. I explained that is his problem if he has no money to pay his employess and that at no point were we told or agreed or sign anything to pay this much in advanced. He told me he didnt have it in his budget to outlay for us. Again I didn't feel that was my responibility. We paid what he ask for, never asking for less or anything. For me that is a sign of horrible business! He had blackmailed us into paying and paying while he was gone.

I have worked for a freigh forwarder speciaist in moving people across the world. I have moved myself several time from Germany to US and back, across the US. I have moved a lot! Never had any probems close to that. His answer when I questions his busniess integrety, because of him keep asking for more money, leaving the job for days in the middle, breaking our animals keep sake and not even careing, was:" You didn't truly beliefe you could have such a big move and nothing will break?!"

Well I did think nothing would break because the movers truly didn't care. Or they would just leave a undone job in the middle. No I did expect a professioal service!!

That's all just before we actually got to the other side. Arriving in Colorado again they came about lunch time. Than told us they have to leave that evening to catch their flight out of Denver early the next morning. We are about 6h from Denver but have two airports close by, that fly regualry to Atlanta. So we all had to help unload not just them. We paid in full by than, because they refused to open the truck or even arrive at our destination with not having 100% of the money. We just wanted it over with and them gone.

The unpacking which we still at it, 6 month later, because we can't find stuff. We have zero clue what is left in the storage in GA, or in CO. We spend days going through boxes to mark them. My office stuff was packed with my daughters riding shoes, one of our horses saddles was cramped in the buttom of a carton with tons of heavy stuff on top. It's ruined! We just found it 6 month later. All our busniess checks and privat checks are no were to be found. Not saying he took it just not found yet. A box marked with silverwear (at least marked) had actually glass and fragile things in there and 2 spoons and forks on top?? Our expensive Bosch washer he forgot to put the traveling screws in as he was told. Drum is broke now! This move cost us years of our life in stress and worries.

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