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Mojo Marketing

Country United States
State Arkansas
City Bentonville
Address 1000 SE 5th St Unit #G
Phone 479-273-0888

Mojo Marketing Reviews

  • Oct 19, 2016

Signed up for a newsletter service in April 2015 at $297.00 a month. The owner Angela Leavitt was aware that her staff was unable to deliver me a newsletter without graphical errors, content was cutoff making the newsletter unreadable and was not in condition to be sent to my clients as it looked horrible and unprofessional.

I was patient and worked with her staff trying to fix the issue's and as each month went by and they created a new one for that given month the newsletter still had graphical errors, content cutoff where lines would bleed onto other areas of the newsletter, it was not in condition to be sent. Meanwhile I never received a bill and no money was taken out of my credit card that I had put on file for Angela to bill me, this no billing happened each month and they never fixed the newsletter so I assumed that is why she wasn't billing.

I sent Angela & her staff pictures of the newsletter showing the issue's when I would send a sample to myself just before I was ready to send to my clients. They were never ever able to fix the issue's. Then in August of 2015 she sends me a bill for $1700.00. I explained to her and re-told the above story, resent the e-mails & pictures as proof of the errors and mistakes. She never replied to that e-mail. Months went by with no activity as I never sent the newsletter, issue's were never fixed and I was not receiving a monthly bill, no money was taken out of my credit card so I assumed she understood my position and that was the end of the bill and service.

Four months later I received a bill for $2500.00. Angela's claim is they put the newsletter in icontact for me to send out therefore I owe her 9 months of service. I retold the above story to her again and again she never responded to that e-mail and didn't call me and didn't send my any other bills or communication. Another 6 months went by and she has started again claiming I owe her $2500.00 and threatened legal action. And again I resent all the proof,

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