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Mohegan Lake Motors, Inc.

Country United States
State New York
City Mohegan Lake
Address 1791 E Main St
Phone 1 914-528-1380

Mohegan Lake Motors, Inc. Reviews

  • May 21, 2021

Thugs, Bullies, Ageist, Sexist, racists, and Proud of it. Stay Away unless you are wealthy, a white male, or ready to get down to their level.

Their service may have been award winning once but...

I heard from the General Manager about my experience, who sweetly told me that I probably should have behaved like his mother who would have gone "Irish" on the staff. She would have just showed up and made his rude people listen.

When I suggested that I thought he had a problem because he wasn't worried about a rude staff whose best method of resolution was for a woman to get in their face instead of being nice, he told me I had an attitude.

So the fact that they took my money to reprogram a key, reprogrammed it incorrectly, broke my car (there was nothing wrong when it went in and when it came out none of the buttons worked, the trunk kept popping open, and I couldn't get gas because that button was locked) and I was treated as though I was lying when I wanted to get it fixed, it all has become my fault because I too nice or too sharp or had an attitude. I'm not sure which because I was accused of being all three - but they just think it was all my fault.

Never an apology. Never an offer to return my money. Nothing just blame on ME.

Awful Awful people. Incompetent service.

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