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Country Portugal
City Linda-a-Velha
Address Antero Quental, 12 RC
Phone 351.214.2032

Modulus Reviews

  • Aug 25, 2015

I posted a job on for a custom website that i was interested in getting back in January of 2014.

Paulo Faustino sent me a message and we began communicating, we agreed on a price for a custom site, I send Mr. Paulo the initial deposit on escrow through Paypal as per the Guru aggrement. Mr Paulo proceeded to make a "site" for me and seeing how i was naive to the web world and web design, Mr Paulo kept sending me updates and everything was in order, we kept constant communication on email and phone chat, (which should had been a redflag for me since i never spoke to him over the phone).

he later send me the finalised copy of the site and I was thrilled with the site, and i sent him the balance (50%) of the payment, he was happy as well so i thought.

a few weeks go by and he sent me a bill for maintance, which was not in the intiatial aggrement, as soon as i stated to question these fee, he held my site and all my content in ranson and was basically black mailing me to either, pay him for the maintanance (which he wanted everymonth) of he would cancel and delete the site. (which he did, for a few months) i later agreed to his terms and after consultation with other webdesigners about the custom site he produced, they adviced me that the site was a mere purchased template which cost Mr. Paulo $50.00 and there really was no basis for me to pay a "maintanance fee" for something i could do myself.

I later contacted Mr. Paulo and basically he terminated my site, and hosting and i had to redo the site all over a gain and pay the service of a more reputable webdesigner.

if you have to deal with this one man show company (modulus web design) or stay clear of this oil skin dealer, he will give you what you ask and then hold your site captive to his demands.

he sounds reputable and pleasant, but stay clear, his company of one is a total ripoff!!!!

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