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Module Experts

Country United States
State Florida
City Jacksonville
Address 6873 Phillips Industrial Boulevard, Suite B •
Phone (888) 593-2262

Module Experts Reviews

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  • Feb 6, 2019

Same story as everyone else.

After spending $200 with a local shop to diagnose and remove my pcm I ended up on the phone with module experts. I wanted to purchase a new pcm, but they supposedly don’t stock them. During the initial call, mark guaranteed they could fix my issues for $191. Not once during our conversation did the words (no gurantee) ever come out. Also not once was it disclosed that if they couldn’t fix it they would still keep $130. Not until they instantly drafted my debit card and I received a receipt stating so....never disclosed. Suddenly ten days later when they couldn’t fix mine, they had one in stock that they could send me for an additional $300. The car is now in the junkyard as the cost of the module at a dealer was worth more than the car. All in all it cost me $200 out of pocket to send a car to the salvage yard and left my college son 4.5 hrs away without a car for 2 weeks. Shame on these people and their dishonesty.

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  • Jul 20, 2019

Report them!

Please report them to BBB! They screwed me too and they currently have a BBB rating of 'A', that needs to change!

  • Feb 21, 2019


I had the same problems with this company that most everyone else had. I sent them a PCM that they stated that they could fix and claimed that they do it every day. After weeks of waiting and calling them they finally sent back my PCM stating that there is nothing wrong with it. They never even opened the PCM up. The Ford warranty sticker across the seams of the PCM were not broken or removed. So, I took the truck and the PCM to a Ford Specialist. He stated that the PCM was in fact BAD and changed it out with another Ford PCM, Programmed it with the Ford factory software and the truck has been running perfect ever since! He even left the bad PCM on the floor board of the truck in case, Module Experts tried to claim that he did not have to change the PCM to make the truck run properly

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  • Sep 15, 2017

module experts are a big rip off

sent in my pcm for repair because they said that what they do,,go over it repair any damage parts and ship back,,well over week later i call to check on pcm,,no anser from the salesman mark,,,again very nice in beginning to get your money,,,but then they call and say they cant fix it,and you wont get a refund and they ship back your old pcm. or they can sell you a remanufacterd one for triple the price like 450.00 bucks,,,there a complete scam,,,stay away ,,you been warned..

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  • Aug 22, 2017

I too got screwed by these people to the tune of $608.49.

I sent them my module to get repaired an I got a call from Adam that my module was unrepairable and a replacement would cost another $394.36. Adam was o sad and sympathetic. They sent me a module that had been poorly bead blasted, ( my Original?) and had many more problems. Adam accused me of blowing the module because I had to jump start the car. Adam tells me that you cant jump start those cars it will blow the module every time. Liar Adam. I have been jumping cars for 60 years including that car. They agreed to redo the module. I got it back and have the exact same problems as when I sent it, when it was "unrepairable". The invoice shows the $394.36 as an UPSELL! What thieves they are.

Ed Lancaster 504-250-2151

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  • Jan 23, 2020


Sent in pcm for Ford focus and Mazda 6

Spoke to Chris. Was nice and said they could take care of my Mazda 6 charged me diagnostic fee. Said my pcm was shorted and could not be fixed.For an extra 258.00 they could send me a programmed pcm so like a fool I said ok. Received pcm one week later and it is worse than the one I had in there originally. I sent Chris an email stating how pissed off I am especially after reading about all the people who have had similar problems.

I am going to prosecute these pricks go the fullest extent of the law.

  • Oct 21, 2019

Sent in my ECM module to them to have it repaired, paid $149 plus $15 return shipping. Adam E contacts me and says my module is not repairable but they could send me a rebuilt one for another $399 extra. I said no and had him return my old module. He ignores my requests about any refund as all they did was supposedly test mine and claim it is not repairable. I sincerely wish I had searched this company before I got ripped off

  • Aug 2, 2019

If you own a repair business or a consumer i highly recommend not using this company. They have dropped the ball on us from day one which started over 4 months ago. First sending back a "new" computer that did not have the security coded for our vehicle. Days, weeks, months later of run around. If i had seen the reviews online from this company on bbb, yelp and consumer affairs i would have never used them. I am out over $700.00 dollars due to their incompetence and time. Horrible customer service from dave the manager to the sales reps.

  • Jul 20, 2019

Screwed me too, Why can't they be stopped?

I see that they have been hosing people since 2016 so why are they allowed to continue screwing people? Everyone needs to file a complaint with BBB to get their rating of 'A' knocked way down and hopefully put a stop to that crap!

  • Jul 22, 2018

After it got my email from adam saying my pcm was beyond repair i did a search on yscam to find out that what he told be is the exact wording he used in all the other reports filled against module experts. "diagnostics are completed on the module, and this unit is beyond repair due to the issue being traced to the main processor Computer chip). The chip is not avle to be replaced on the module, so you would need to replace the unit to correct the issue".

This is exactly what is said to the other consumers who have been ripped off by module experts.

  • Jan 31, 2019

yes and yes

Same story here. Processor is bad and we can sell you a cloned one for another $300 plus dollars. Kept $130 of my $191 dollars and the module doesn't look like its been touched. I filed a fraud case with my bank since they never disclosed any sort of fee on the phone, only after they took my money did they send a receipt stating the fees but my money was already gone.

  • Apr 18, 2018



  • Nov 16, 2017

Promised Power Control Module diagnosis at cost of $98 to verify part is faulty. If there was a problem they would fix it, for another $100. If faulty, they would fix and send back repaired module and programming would be intact.

They called and said that their diagnosis was 'definitely have a bad module but it cannot be repaired because there is a short in the circuit board'.

They offered a rebuilt module for another $400, saying 'this particular model is very scarce so better order it quickly.'

Received a 're-built' module after about 3 weeks. Module would not work at all without additional programming by third party.

Had to pay a mobile auto technician $150 to purge keys from prior owner's vehicle, then re-program to recognize my vehicle and keys. After linking the new module to the vehicle VIN and existing key, absolutely same issue as with original module. EXACTLY the same error codes and vehicle troubles as with original module.

The tech that reprogrammed the replacement module said obviously there was no problem with the original module since codes were same. He also noted that the original module would not have worked at all if the board was truly shorted.

Customer is always left without a module at all unless they pay any price demanded by Module Experts.

Module Experts clearly did not perform diagnosis, or lied about findings and would not provide detail. They kept old module, and charged diagnosis fee, repair fee and $400 more for replacement but unprogrammed module. Started out at $98 dollars for diagnosis to determine if there were any problems with the original module. After more than $810 in costs, all I have is a different module when the original was not defective.

They promise 'lifetime warranty' but then declare the customer is at fault.

Over 40 complaints found online with exactly the same pattern. These guys are fraudsters and criminals on a large scale.

  • Sep 18, 2017

engine control module

I phoned Module Experts on 07/12/2017 to inquire about a repair of my 89 F150 engine control unit (ECU).

I paid $190 in advance to have the ecu "remanufactured" and tested with a lifetime repair warranty. I sent in all of the failure symptoms with the unit. I got the unit back with a report that they replaced some electrolytic capacitors, (filter caps., I assume) and the unit tested ok.

They did nothing to repair the unit and my vehicle ran exactly as before.

I called Module Experts to file a warranty claim and they just completely ignored my questions. All they would say is "send it back and we will look at it." "its probably obsolete and will have to be replaced." I asked how much will that cost? "$400 but we'll give you some allowance for what you've already spent."

When they completely ignored the warranty question and only wanted more $$$, I decided this place is a scam! I had already spent $190 plus shipping and they wanted $300+ more plus more shipping and their refusal to honor their supposed lifetime warranty.

I decided to cut my losses and bought a rebuilt working ecu from a reputable dealer for $80. It works fine. Be careful!

  • Nov 4, 2016

I sent My Mercedes s550 ECU computer to fix it, spoke to Chris, nice person at the begining ,

they received my parts and sent it back to me without explantion, I had to call Chris and no

answer, I had to call form diferent number to fianlly, ge tin touch , I expalined to him the the part was

duplicating the same problem, to finally take it to the dealer where they have check it and the diagnostic

was faulty ECU, National Parts AKA Module Experst, never fix my ECU, they charge my $411.25, spoke to

Chris and he just play smart but just been silence and after I finished to explain to him, he just start talking

something else like I never say anythig, I have to call many times to finally get back $285.63, for something

that nerver did, the dealer took me inside the shop to show me the ECU, was nerver open just black glue on the

sides to make me believe they did the job..

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