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Country United States
State Florida
City Jacksonville
Address 10151 Deerwood Park Boulevard Building 200, Suite 400
Phone 904-360-2300

Modis Reviews

  • Dec 22, 2017

I recently had an interview scheduled that I had to cancel due to the weather. There was a pretty bad snow storm, and the roads near my house were impassable.

I called up about two hours before the interview and explained the situation to the secretary and apologized profusely. She seemed sympathetic and said she would pass on the message.

Not even 5 minutes later I got a call from someone named Susan who was screaming so loud my child could hear it from across the room. "It is perfectly fine, there's barely any snow, I made it in, you're being rude and inconsiderate". Considering nearly every area school was delayed or closed that day, I dobut there was "barely any snow".

I told her my roads were unsafe, and I didn't feel comfortable driving in it. Like a switch she calmed down and said she was just upset and thanked me for letting them know. I apologized again and immediately she went back to yelling "I dont need your apology, stop wasting my time" and slammed down the phone.

All of this sudden she yelled "What?". I heard some guy in the background asking if everything was alright, and she said "Some a*****e is canceling his interview because of a little snow, that entitled p***k".

Are you kidding me?

I hung up, called back, and asked for a manager. They directed me back to her. Forget that.

Fortunately I've since gotten a job. I will never look at Modis again.

  • Jul 31, 2017

This company contacted me via email about a position close to where I am living. After several phone interviews, they informed me that I was offered the job. I only needed to go through drug testing and filled out some paperwork. I did everything they asked. When the start date came close, they kept silent. I had to email them to ask what was going on and they sent me an I-9 form, asking a family member of mine to sign the I-9 form with the reason that the representative of Modis, Jonathan Evans, could not be there to sign the I-9 form. I did and reverted the information to them. After that, regardless of a number of emails from me inquiring about the start date and whether they need any information, they have ignored me and did not reply.

My concern is this company may be running a recruitment scam by collecting SSN and other confidential information from job seekers by falsely telling them that they got a job. I also read here that other job seekers were also put in the same situation where they took advantage of our confidential information and ran away. This, I think, is a pattern of dishonest and fraudulent practice.

  • Aug 27, 2016

I was informed by management that I would have a position with Modis. I had been interviewing with other places of employment. When I accepted the position, although it was a smaller pay scale than one of my other offers, I accepted it because I was interested in growth into the company. I had already put my two weeks in, and was planning to start a new position immediately.

The manager told me that my job search was over, and I had the job. Fast forward to today. I do not have a job with Modis. I was offered another position by them after they lied about the first one. The first position was at a pay rate of $16/hour the second was at a rate of $13.50/hour.

I accepted the second position even though the hours were drastically different, and it was at a later start date. However, because they did lie I made sure to prepare myself for the worse.

As stated before, I did not start that position either. I finally recieved a call back today Friday August 26, 2016, by a female stating that I had told management that I wanted a higher paying position. I never said those words. I simply asked if there were any other positions available, making it clear that I was accepting the position. However, if there were others available I wanted to know. When I sent that email I didn't even get a response. I didn't even know that the woman I sent it to received it. Now, I hear she did receive and misinterpreted it.

I called coporate and received an apology. Didn't seem like they were going to handle the situation. From what I've been told by my peers and strangers this is a common thing with Modis.


They waisted my time.

Cost me lots of money.

I am working a job now for $9/hour, because I turned down SEVERAL decent paying positions. Not only is my job $9/hour, and I have a college degreee. But it's part time, not even 25/hours a week, and no benefits.

This is the damage that unprofessional business can cause. I'm grateful to be working, but I can't get by with $9/hour. I can't pay my rent with $9/hour.

  • Sep 17, 2015

I recently visited the Modis IT recruiting agency in Syracuse, NY, for an interview with Susan Duenkel. My girlfriend was present with me upon arriving, as I was driving her to run some errands afterward. At all other employment agencies I've been to there has always been some sort of waiting room, so I figured this would be the same and it wouldn't cause any issues.

Now before you say you should never bring someone along - it was over 90 degrees outside and I did not want her being stuck out in that sun for who knows how long, and there was nowhere else to wait but in their office's lobby. I'm also jobless, so running the car's A/C for 30+ minutes or driving 40 minutes back home to pick her up and driving back out is like burning money at this point. In addition, she is disabled with Cerebral Palsy, which is visible due to a gait and deformed hand, and she can't drive. Given the circumstances I thought they would be accommodating and understanding.

Upon arriving Susan took a look at me, asked my name, then looked at my gf and asked "who is this" with a condescending voice. Before we could even talk she said "this is unprofessional and rude and disrespectful to me. Wait here." and stormed off to her office.

We sat there in disbelief, discussing what happened, when another employee came in and said Hi, and seemed friendly enough. After 5-6 minutes Susan came out and called me into the office. Before walking back she took another strange look at my girlfriend. I noticed nobody else was there except for her and the employee who walked in (nobody was at the front desk (at 2PM... odd?) , and her office was toward the back so it was obvious nobody else was there).

As if a switch was flipped she was nice to me when I was taking a seat, then when I tried to apologize she interrupted me and again repeated it was "rude and disrespectful to bring someone here like this". I finally got a chance to explain and she said "You should have left her in the car". When I tried telling her how hot it was outside and there was nowhere else for her to wait she told me "She is a complete distraction to the entire office sitting out there, in 17 years I've never had someone like that here", and that she couldn't wait here.

At this point I was in her office sitting for at least 3-4 minutes, and all she did was prove how completely unprofessional she is. Suffice it to say, I said what was on my mind and stormed out.

I find it hard to believe in 17 years of recruiting she has never had someone wait while an applicant was interviewed. Stuff happens, and sometimes it is hard to avoid. I've seen it happen in the past while being group interviewed, and even had a similar situation pop up for a candidate while I was on the hiring-end of things. I cannot help but think this entire issue was due to my gf's disability, given her comments and dagger-like glances.

After getting out to the car and driving to our next destination I decided to call their corporate line and file a complaint. The representative who I spoke to, Jennifer, was very kind and understanding. She asked if I had contacted the manager myself, and when I told her no she said she would recommend doing so, but that she would also take a report.

I told her I understand having someone wait there is unorthodox, but this could have been handled better. Jennifer told me she agreed and she couldn't blame me given the circumstances; and that accommodations should have definitely been made. She said she would let the branch manager know right away so actions could be taken.

After a couple of hours we got back home, and I tried calling the office to hopefully get a hold of the manager. According to the person who answered (Who's name sounded like Debbie, but I'm not positive) there "was no manager". When I told her employee relations asked me to contact the office's manager she again told me there was no manager and disconnected the call.

I called the corporate line back right away and left a voicemail to try and get the manager's name. I still haven't heard back.

So in the end there's nearly 20+ positions which were listed for the agency that I will be unable to apply for due to the recruiter's unwillingness to make accomodations for people who are just trying to get back up on their feet. I truly hope this post gets a higher-up's attention and Modis will do the right thing and make sure this never happens again.

In the mean time, we are seriously considering filing state and federal complaints - since we feel this was very discriminatory.

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