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Modesto Customs

Country United States
State California
City Modesto
Address 615 Kansas Ave d
Phone 209-681-7637

Modesto Customs Reviews

  • Jan 22, 2018

Written Estimate Required for Repair or Maintenance and Exceeding Estimate; Authorization Required. So when I turned them into the BAR

THE BAR told AJ and Jenna they owe me my money back, and AJ and Jenna refused to follow the law and pay me back.

And then they agreed at first to pay for some of the repairs needed for my 55 Chevy that they did not do correctly,leaving leaking brake fluid, loose upper and lower control arm bolts.

Leaving other bolts untightened. and all around poor workmanship leaving my car in an unsafe manner, which is why I went to the bar.

They refused to pay for the repairs that the bar found in an Auto inspection of my car and I found a lot more bad installs and incorrectly install and not torqued down bolts later onevery time I looked into why things were not working properly.

This left my car in an un-safe condition, and his shop Modesto Custom in his effort to hurry up as fast as possiblenow with less experienced Mechanics when his Experienced Mechanics left his shop,

Which he did not pay when they left which he does to Employees that leave is what I was told.

When he wants to Rush the cars thru his shop to make his profits faster.

So I will continue to make it known to all who read this,what happened to my 1955 Chevy Show Car that he made worse after they threw my car together at the end of it sitting around his shop for 1 week less than 1 year,and I expected to get a perfect car back and it is a mess I am trying to get repaired, and pay my self for parts he took off my car and never re-installed like the Sun Visor's, like the AC condenser radiator he installed of my property on a 1951 Chevy Black Truck, I think belonging to David. without my permission, My Property he owes me back. Page 1, Day 1 report. more to come !!!

Mark & Libby

Jenna at Modesto Customs,

615 Kansas Avenue

Modesto, CA95351

1. Jenna, we are not questioning if you purchased a Flaming river rack and Pinon. You didn’t put a Flaming River Cradle, the Service Manager for Flaming River and his Engineers all said that what is on our car is not a Flaming River cradle. You cheated us! Plain and simple!! So don’t lie, because when you lie to us, you are really lying to yourself, period!! I would believe Flaming River above you because I know you guys lie!!

When you purchase a Flaming River it says right on their web site no Cutting, no Drilling or no welding, and you welded it to our car, why?

As we know, you have proven that you are not honest or you would already have paid us back, but instead you refused. How honest is that?

You probably did purchase a Flaming River and you have a receipt, but for who’s car, since you didn’t give us any receipts we have nothing to compare with. And since you didn’t give us a written estimate you and your shop owe us all our money back that is the law. You should know better, SO DO THE RIGHT THING!!

2. Whether it is on the Bureau of Automotive Repair report, these items are things you worked on and should have been done correctly, period!!

3. The day after we picked up our car, the car didn’t start. When we checked under the hood, our neighbor came over to see what the problem was. He saw 3 - 6 inch screws that were not bolted down around the billet V Belt, nothing was tied down. (We did not request a Billet, Mark had requested an Eddie Motorsport to begin with AJ ordered this on his own)

Brake fluid reservoir should have been filled when your shop installed it, but instead your workers left it empty and leaking or maybe it was empty because it was left leaking, but as the shop owner you should have checked their work since your workers were all new. Great job on your part!!

Again at Christmas time my sister came out for a visit and guess what happened?

While we were coming home from dinner we were going down the road on Blacow Road, one block from a major intersection, we are coming up to a Red light at an intersection and Mark yells hit the brakes Libby!!! I could hear the panic in his voice, I reacted but it was dark and I couldn’t see the brake pedal but I moved and instead of hitting the brake I hit the gas because your workers did such a great job on the pedal when they installed the gas pedal almost below the brake pedal.

We ran though the red light and thank God there was no cross traffic coming through. This could of caused a major accident or cause us to hurt someone very badly or killed us or someone else.

Due to your inexperienced worker working on the brake pedal the screws on the brakes were approximately 3 to 4 inches long, they were not cut down and Marks Shoe lace got caught on those screws and he was not able to apply the brake himself! Another great job your shop did on our show car, which isn’t a show car anymore thanks to you and your shop!! You get the blame you’re the owner! Do the right thing!!

At this point I should ask you, if you and the kids would have been in our car? How would you feel about getting a car back after paying $37,100.00 and what your shop touched is not working correctly! How safe are you in your car? Oh yes! You drive a new truck and it wasn’t put together by your shop so there for I would trust it too!!!

These are only a few of the many things that your shop worked on and didn’t check, since then we have found lots of things that were not checked. You as the shop owner should be ashamed with the work done on our car. And you should want to do the right thing, but then again you would have to have a conscience which you have proven that you don’t have, with all your lies, you have proven that. Do the right thing and prove that you care, give us our money back and pay for our repairs at a shop of our choice. We already have a mechanic that knows what he is doing with 40 years experience and we have seen his put together cars. They are really show cars!!!


You can make all the excuses you want but you are still the responsible person, as the owner you have been pretty lucking that someone has not gotten into an accident or killed someone because of your shops work. Do the right thing!!! Give us back our money!! We gave you $37,100.00, to do everything right.

4. You know Jenna, I bought a car that is eleven years old and I have never checked a screw or a bolt, because I trusted it was put together correctly!! And so far it has held up because it was put together correctly by honest people, bottom line!!!!

When we had our meeting with you and AJ a month before we picked up our car, AJ promised that we could drive anywhere we wanted, and do you know we can’t even trust the car out of Fremont, because every time we take it out something doesn’t work like it is supposed to, because of the great job your shop did on our car.

DO THE RIGHT THING!! If we do not get results we are planning on going on to the Governor and the President and anyone else that will listen to us! Period!!

Libby Hergert

From the Bureau of Automotive Repair -Fresno Office

From [email protected]>

I am sorry to hear that you are having more issues with your vehicle. All A.J. is offering is to correct the items from the auto body inspection. I have found that Modesto Customs didn't properly document estimates for the work provided. B.A.R. recommendation is to refund the money not estimated properly. A.J. Is refusing to refund. At this point, you can get an estimate for repair for the items that sent to you in a previous email. I know there are other issues that you are having with the repairs done at Modesto Customs. You might have to take this matter to civil court if you are not satisfied with the offer by Modesto Customs. Thank You Brian Young Fresno Field Office

Mr. Hergert,

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