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Modern Warriors Martial Arts

Country United States
State Florida
City Royal Palm Beach
Address 10233 Okeechobee Blvd, Ste B7
Phone 561-792-2022

Modern Warriors Martial Arts Reviews

  • May 3, 2017

Scott sheldon continued taking money from my account after i canceled my contract with him. i gave him a cancelaton letter. he stopped charging and then started once he felt i wouldnt notice. the cost was 198 a month for 2 kids. when i saw what was going on i reached out to him, he kept pulling money. i had to file a police report. he pretends to be nice but he is a thief. he stole from me and i am heart broken that i trusted him with my banking information. for 2 years my kids went to modern warriors. for him to steal my money is so sick. for me to have to file a police report to get him to stop is just so was and still is very upsetting for me. i hope this story saves some one from going through what i did.

it was horrible. he pretends to be nice and then stab you in the back. my kids went there for 2 years. and as soon as i cancelled the true personality comes out. sneaky. steals your money. and llies and said you didnt cancel. even though i gave him the letter and i didnt go there for almost a year. it was very tramatising to be conned by scott sheldon like this. i texxt his wife what he did and she didnt even was 198 a month for 2 kids for almost a year. he would charge at different days and skipped 2 months to throw me off so i would think he stopped. dont give him your cancelled check. if you must use him , use a debit, you have more rights with a debit.

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