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Modern Piano Moving

Country United States
State Missouri
City Sullivan
Address 992 State Hwy D
Phone 800-737-5600

Modern Piano Moving Reviews

  • May 20, 2018

The piano involved is an Steinway upright piano made for the Prussian Palace with very high sound quality. It is aged but in excellent condition, well-conditioned and well-tune. It is a gift from a family of piano players with a nominal sales price of $10K. The true value of it is far beyond that. The piano is not hard to move. It has been moved from the auction house with no issues. It is not hard to move pianos in and out of this house. At least 10 pianos have been moved in and out of this house without issues. Modern Piano Moving is contracted to move this piano from the house of our child's piano teacher in Georgia to our house in California. The move happened in December1, 2017.

The piano teacher complained that the moving board that workers brought in is too small to move a piano, the wheel on that moving board is too small, and the staff consisted of only two workers instead of the industry standard of 3. The piano almost bumped into the wall while the moving workers struggle to keep the piano on the small moving board. On January 10, 2018, we receive a notice by Angie from Modern Piano Moving that the "When the piano was loaded for delivery there was a glued joint on the key cover that failed. It isn’t broken, but the delivery crew left your key cover in our warehouse for repairs.” We consulted with the original owner, who told us that there should be no glue in the cover, which is a good solid piece of wood. We immediately demanded Modern Piano Moving to return the cover without doing anything on it and we made the same request multiple times directly to its owner, Russ Vitt. Modern Piano Moving still has not returned the key board cover. on January 11, 2018, the piano without the key board cover was delivered, with more evidence of gross negligence.

The keys were broken, the leg supporting the keyboard is broken, debris were found inside the keyboard, the keys are out of tune. We emailed repair request immediately and Modern Piano Moving promised to "everything taken care of to your satisfaction.” On January 22, the owner of Modern Piano Moving email us: "I am putting the claim on hold until you respond with answers to my questions. Do you understand that?”. The questions he demands answer is why the original owners complained that the crew who picked up the piano are not professional. I filed a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, and almost immediately, Modern Piano Moving started to ship back the key board cover to me. When it arrived, the one piece of beautiful wood with fine texture is completely covered by a layer of cheap coarse material. Namely, you cannot see the wood any more, instead, you can only see a layer of cheap material with dents, creases, uneven surface and uneven paint. The layer seems quite thick, it is not clear how much of the high quality wood has to be grind off to make room for the cheap material. Please notice that trees grow naturally and slowly at the time the piano was made. Wood of the same quality is very difficult to find now. Namely, the beautiful one piece of wood is now completely covered by a layer of cheap material. Moreover, part of the layer is bulging out, as if gas between the cheap layer and the beautiful wood is accumulating.

I am worried that the cheap layer by Modern Piano Moving may prevent moisture from getting out, which would result in the original high quality wood to rot inside! For all the other damages (broken keys, broken legs, etc.), Modern Piano Mover has done nothing about them, while the repair requests were made the same night the piano was delivered, many months ago.

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