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Modern Line Furniture

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Linden
Address 531 N Stiles St
Phone 908-486-0200

Modern Line Furniture Reviews

  • Feb 22, 2018

Back in 2016 I purchased sectional sofa from modern line furniture. 1 year went by the sofas rippped on both seats. When I contacted them they told me I do t have warranty and I have to pay out of pocket for repairs. I said I do t have money at the moment so as soon as I got money I was trying to contact them I was calling emailing them nothing. Then I finally decided to post negative review on google.

They called me back right away and threaten me. I was shocked I never knew a professional company should be threatening like this. They threaten me for posting negative review. I posted the truth. I forced my husband to buy this garbage from them that fall apart. But for them to threaten??

  • Dec 19, 2016

On (12/14/16-12/16/16)I found modern line Furniture thru browsing in Google search and my eyes caught attention to a component that was advertised on their site I then search for the company number and call them I spoke with a women where I order from her next day I canceled because there was a problem with one of the payment methods I wanted to used,after canceling I try to reordered everything was good in the begin until I cancel and try to reorder and arrange my pick up thru my FedEx account this woman then transfer me to her manager he came on the phone how can I help you (rude) I explain to him that I wanted to order and then send FedEx to pick up the package he said they cannot do that he will bring it to my home I told him I cannot carry those up the stairs to my house and I'm not at that location at this he said to come in and they will do it for me I said I cannot I got no way to come there and I cannot carry those things I have a disability I said to him I I will show the driver a copy of my ID when he comes to the location I'm at he rejected it and later on in the conversation He Came up with these rules like send me a copy of your credit card and ID and give me a wrong email and my email was send to a unknown email address ,I hang up the phone and called him back asking if he received the email he said no it was not until later I notice it wasn't the same email address like the one on the site I Order a second time thru the Internet and was told on 12/14/2016 by this manage who I been transfer to Everytime I called that the item was not in stock I reorder again and decided to pick the item up ,

when I get there this manage had me waiting took my credit and ID in the back came back after I rush him to get out of there I was only there for a pickup and he cancel my online purchase to make another purchase on my card then charge me tax to pick up the items he put me outside to pick up the package and said someone would come the the gate to give me the item no one came it was a truck came and they open up the gates for the truck when the driver came out asked where is the pick up he told me to come inside where parked the truck I went in still was waiting until the manager and some other workers came I was given the item that could not fit in the car it he driver that bring me open the box with the modern line workers ,The item were wrapped in a white paper wrap in a sock couple minutes later the manager give paper to sign again when I got home I open one of the component and it was the wrong order I will like my exchange or my money back please if ther is. any government or consumer to please get in contact with me about this matter thank you , I was treated unfair and I did not received my proper order this company is ripping customers. By telling them after an online purchase to reorder the item and charge taxes for a pick up it was never in their description online it was a rule they came up with because they didn't want to refund me back my delivery charge and the same charge that was online was the same charge they charge me at the store

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