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MobiLoans, LLC

Country United States
State Louisiana
City Marksville
Address 151 Melacon Drive
Phone 877-836-1518

MobiLoans, LLC Reviews

  • Jan 24, 2018

Most companies usually bill customers once a month. This company bills every 14 days and getting away with this policy. My payment date the 8th of every month. Started December 8th 2017. MOBILOANS received a payment on the 3 before my due date. My payment was 150.00 and I paid over the amount of 200.00. In January before the due date I paid another 200.00. I spoke to customer service on January 22, 2018. I told them I would pay 100.00 and they stated I needed to pay the minimum of 134.50. The next day on January 23, they had gone into my account and withdrew 134.50 plus 155.00 that I had not given them the permission to do. I called in and I did get upset. Tried to explain.. Mobiloans unbelievable, Rediculously rude, uncivil, and disrespectful company. They care nothing about the customer and I would not recommend Mobiloans to amyone. I know they have a recording, nevertheless, they tale advantage of people with extremely high fees. Most companies usually bill customers once a month. This company bills every 14 days. What about the UNFAIRNESS DOCTRINE which can declare a business practice unfair because it is oppressive or harmful to a customer. I am a disabled senior citizen on a fixed income. What about the (FTC) act of 1914 signed by WOODROW WILSON. What about President Wilson THE CLAYTON ANTITRUST ACT protecting consumers against methods of deception in advertisement.

  • Mar 21, 2017

Beware of this wolf in sheeps clothing......

I borrowed $800 six weeks ago. Although my first payment due in two weeks was only $105.00 I elected to pay $300.00 with a subsequent payment of $105.00 30 days after the original loan date. Here we are six weeks later and I wanted to pay off my loan and was forced to pay $670.00 to get rid of them.

That means that on a $800 loan I paid them a total of $1,075.00 in six weeks. That equates to $275.00 in "finance charges" in only a month and a half.

They are quick to charge you excess finance charges but do not credit you for early payments.

  • Dec 25, 2016

My brother in law and I were in need of some extra cash and found Mobilloans. They had us believe that there was a small amount of interests borrowed. Only to find out that this was NOT true. We borrowed 800.00 and after 8 payments of $134.00 we still owe over $600.00. I am sure that this is not going to go down much as they NEVER lower your principal amount. This is a RIPOFF!!!!!

  • Aug 10, 2015

I believe this is a big scam by this group, and i further beklive that it is possibly some organised crime unit using this indian tribe as a front for illegal activities. Per their mailing tat i received, i was prescreened for a $1000 line-of-credit loan, with very high costs, and that it stated the offer will expire on August 31, 2015, and that I was selected based on information in my credit report that satisfied the lender's criteria for creditworthness!

When i went to the website i was told to use,, i completed an application, as i had been instructed to do. following this i waited to see and comments or information that may be forthcoming. instead, what appeared was a list of providers in TN who may provide a loan to me. Where the HELL is the $1000 loan i was promised???? I then plugged in mobileloan in my address line on this pc and different sites were shown, and I chose the one stating file a complaint against this company, and this is what I have done.. I hope no others hhave been taken by this low-life group of Dennis T. R, Sr.

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