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Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 1.866.235.1301
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  • Jan 30, 2017

I was to make an international call for which I purchased a certain package deal from MobileCaller.Com.

I called in to make the purchase and only did so after getting full information. I was told by a lady that I will recieve a phone call giving me further instructions on how to make the call.

So I waited paitently, then called in after a week of waiting and the same lady told me that I'll get an email with all the information so I waited and called in again, and the same thing was repeated.

Meanwhile my time was running out and I really needed to make that call. So I called customer service yet again but this time on a Saturday Morning. Same lady again except that she was sleepy and grouchy! She was extremly annoyed for me to have woken her up and kept putting the phone down after shouting at me!!!!

I finally called to get a refund and boy am I angry but instead of an appology I get her and her ego talking down on me and telling me how to behave while she was the one who was acting like a conniving, rude and arrogant being, I was just upset!!!

She evetually tells me that she will refund me but months later and after possibly ten more calls ALL PROMISING A REFUND with her telling me "You'll recieve it in 3 day and 5 days etc etc." I got to talk to her again yesterday, this time she said that she had NO RECORD of anything and she told me that I must've talked to someone else where as I recognize her voice any day as I've spoken to her many many times!!!

She is running a one man show here! She is owner and operator but prtends to be a supervisor. She has no manager and no one else to connect you with, thus she is professional con-artist!

This is stealing not to mention illegal to take a payment in the name of a service not provided!!! It's not a matter of money! It's a matter of morals and dignity. I am here because I could tell that she has made a little side business from this and I deffinatly don't want anyone else to lose any money here.

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