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MMSN Professional Survey and Research Group

Country United States
State Montana
City Moore
Address 105 Malcolm Ave
Phone 1 251-265-4672

MMSN Professional Survey and Research Group Reviews

  • Nov 1, 2019

I received a priority mail envelope today from James Yates, 105 Malcolm Ave, Moore, MT 59464-9002. Inside was a cashier's check for $2,350 written on the Northeast Bank (ABA Rtr #211274557) remitted by Ellianor Donovan and a letter from MMSN Professional Survey and Research Group. The letter lists Agency Number: #1028 at the top

The letter explains that they are an audit company based in the United States and they specialize in audit of commercial service centers. Due to changes by the Federal Reserve Global Campaign (never heard of it) that stores were required to stop selling some gift cards and Walmart had continued to sell banned gift cards.

Your assignment was to deposit the cashier's check for $2,350 and then go to two different Walmart stores and buy a total of five $400 gift cards, being very discreet so they do not realize you are doing an "audit" on them. Then you are to scratch off the back to reveal the 16 digit card number and pin number and email a picture of each to your coordinator at [email protected] You can call 251-265-4672 if you have any questions.

I have to admit that it looks very legitimate at first glance. They paid $7.35 for the priority mail flat rate envelope and the cashier check is from a legitimate bank. Even with 15 years of banking experience, I wondered if it was real. Then reality kicked in. They never tell you what to do with the cards. I assume that just having the 16 digit number is enough for Walmart to issue credit.

They never clearly state that the other $350 is for you to keep - which you would think would be their biggest selling point. They use a lot of words like "professionalism" and "assignment" to make it appear more legitimate and refer to their 33 years of "hard work and consistency which is shown in the integrity and reliability" of their business.

I did see another file under "P & O Professional Survey and Research Group" which is probably the same group. Nowhere on the letter is an address for the company. I'm sure they got my name and address off of some list.

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