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MJS, Inc.

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Columbia
Address 4910 Trenholm Rd # C
Phone 803-743-0600

MJS, Inc. Reviews

  • May 7, 2018

MJS Inc (Brookhaven Community Association) Homeowners Associan Company is a RIP-OFF! I have owned my home in Brookhaven Subdivision since 10/2007 (11 years) in which I purchased brand new from Mungo Homes. During the purchasing process, Mungo negotiated to assist w/ coordination of installation of my wooden fence, which would take place within 30 days post-closing. After 11 years, I received a fine/assessment in the mail 4 days ago now (May 1, 2018) for $300 for the following violation:

1. The fence is in despair and needs to be repaired or replaced and 2. Unapproved non-compliance modification; stating a gate on the right side3 of the fence leading INTO a neighboring lot was installed without approval of the Architechtural Control Authority.

Again, this fence (without any modification) was installed after closing 11 years ago. The fence was recently damaged (gate on one side fell and panels were blown off; which I filed a claim and am pending resolution with the insurance company. They settled the house portion already but the fence was a separate claim and is still pending).

MJS had sent the first 2 letters to a previous mailing address (as military families do travel); and they did not make it to us. It is the homeowners responsibility to keep their mailing addresses updated- as we have! However, the high turnover in their office and inconsistent policies costs our homeowners thousands each year with these bogus assessments. Needless to say, our HOA annual dues have always been paid EARLY and contains the correct mailing address; along with a personal call by myself to ensure our mailing address was updated it in January. Of course....MJS states they didn't get the change but have accepted the money and check for annual dues with the new mailing address.

MJS has NO representation or anyone that monitors these subdivisions they manage.... They rely solely on someone else to report "garbage" and immediately send out fines without knowing if they are in fact true or false. In return, collecting our Americans hard earned salaries for nonsense. The notification I received for the first time (May 1st) stated to call their office if you have questions...that is DEFINITELY not the case. They have the NASTIEST and rudest individuals working there with NO customer service skills whatsoever. Leaving me ONLY to submit an appeal in writing. After submitting an appeal in wriitng, within 1 hr, MJS returned a UNILATERAL response of denial without consideration to anything that I asked them to review.

1. Its been 11yrs and MJS; nor the previous HOA ever mentioned anything was an issue with my lot, home or fence. Have they missed this issue for 11 years? Why didn't they assess this before now if it wasn't approved?

2. There are at LEAST 12 other homes since the storm that have fencing that is missing, destroyed, broken-in similar or worse condition than my property WITHOUT assessment or fine. To include the fencing entering the subdivision that is disgraceful.

3. We have NOT installed a gate or done any modifications to the original gate or fence at the home upon purchase in 2007; and it does not interfere with anything on the neighboring lot. Clearly, no one from MJS has been out there or thoroughly evaluated my appeal. The response was generated within 1hr of their office opening after recept refusing to remove or reassess the fine. Again, unilateral decision to gouge the homeowner out of funds.

In 11 years, they have not done ANYTHING with the appearance to the subdivision, management, beautification or upkeep. A $300 fine for an existing fence/ gate for 11 years with over a dozen fences that exist in worse condition WITHOUT an assessment or fine is egregious and personal in nature. There was NO appeal process or fair review. There was no one that looked into this matter.... and who would reasonably have a copy of their builder coordination for fence approval from 11 years ago.

After they generate these bogus fines that are reported by anyone (but substantiated by no one); they threaten to place a lien against your property if you do not pay it. What happened to the "process" of having a reasonable time to resolve this issue or a statute of limitation to issue an assessment or fine...this is UNREASONABLE.

MJS is a horrible company without ANY fair or impartial processes in place for homeowners to maintain their property, as outlined. This company is a fraud to gouge homeowners out of money... there is no real appeal process. Its a scam.

  • Jul 31, 2017

MJS, Inc began managing the property where I reside about 1-2 years ago. They began to raise our regime fees. There was no notice of this increase. At the time of the increase, the pool was not being used and there was a giant pothole by my home. The pot hole was fixed recently and the pool just opened back up about a month ago. At the time I was in the process of moving to Japan to teach. Because of the move I had to figure out paying my fees, my mortgage and my other bills. My fees were late once or twice and my fee was returned uncashed because it was late. I was never told late payments would not be accepted.

The next thing I knew MJS, Inc. was telling me I had to communicate only with McCabe, Trotter and Beverly. Then the next thing I knew I was receiving a letter from a lawyer's office saying if I didn't pay they will take my home. HOA governing bodies should not have this much power and the actual homeowners have none. I started making payments however because of the lawyers fees and the regime fee that makes an enormous extra bill each month in the amount of $500+ dollars; I am making payments to the lawyer which includes the lawyers fee and the regime fee. However my salary situation has changed some so I'm still making payments just not the total amount.

McCabe, Trotter and Beverly are contacting me saying I need to pay within five days the back amount ; we set up an agreement to have my total bill paid by October and this is just the end of July. I know for a fact there is at least one home owner that does not pay regime fees, his fees are waived, because that homeowner told me he does not pay regime fees. He doesn't pay because he does odd jobs around the property. Why am I not offered the same opportunity? Why isn't all of us? I think this practice is unfair to the home owner. I understand the goal is to collect the fees, however there should have been more communication. Transitioning to Japan caused my payments to be late, I didn't miss the payment I was late with the payment and it was sent back to me without being cashed while I was in Japan so I had no knowledge of what was happening. There was no communication from MJS, Inc. It would seem that the homeowners association would want owners to keep their homes but that doesn't seem to be the case with MJS, Inc.

I am making payments but still being sent threatening letters from McCabe, Trotter and Beverly, the firm that MJS, Inc. retained to collect fees stating I need to contact them within five business days. I think MJS, inc. retaining this law firm is unfair to homeowners because their fee included with the regime fee adds an undue financial burden. There should be something homeowners can do to protect themselves from these unfair practices. Recently MJS, Inc. imposed a parking sticker on everyone in the community. They placed notices on everyone's cars stating your car will be towed by in 48 hours if you didn't purchase a $10 parking decal, per car. There should be something actual homeowners in the community can do to protect themselves.

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