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MJC Classic Cars

Country United States
State Florida
City Lakeland
Address 355 S Lake Parker Ave
Phone 8639448615

MJC Classic Cars Reviews

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  • Sep 16, 2017

Awful. I bought a car from Mike that" needed nothing ".The car had been returned by a previous customer, red flag .Also I wanted to pick the car up and drive it home for a Shakedown ride but Mike insisted that he have it delivered it was about a two-hour ride, red flag .So upon delivery the car had a fuel leak ,the ignition lock didn't work, it didn't even need a key to start it. I had to charge the air conditioning which was supposedly done before it was to be delivered ,I had to add an air conditioning solenoid for the RPMs which was supposed to be added before delivery ,the power steering pump was empty so when I filled it all the fluid just poured out of the high pressure line. I had to fix an oil leak on the intake. I had to put in a heater core because the heater didn't work .The car Burns a quart of oil every 300 miles so I replace the valve seals and that did nothing so I assume it's the piston rings which means the top-end needs to be rebuilt, also everytime it rains the windshield and rear window leak water which saturates the carpeting and the trunk so now I have moldy carpeting. All the window companies won't even touch the car because they say there's rust around the window channels which needs to be repaired first. The Body Shop wants between 6 and $10,000 to fix the rust around the windows. Keep in mind I kept Mike posted throughout all the repairs and problems yet I've received no help and was told that the car didn't come with a warranty. Anyway that's my classic car that "needs nothing".

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  • Sep 6, 2016

Mike Clahoon owner of MJC Classic Cars, lakeland Fla,, is totally Poison,, he'll lie cheat sneak and steal your money!! From June 22 2016 when he recieved my payment of $ 10.000 to August 22,1016 he had my car and my money for 10 weeks before delivery and didn't let me know he called the transporters,, all Lies, he told me he sent 13 emails to me about the car, another lie, he said the car was never wrecked, passenger side has a very bad repaint job, the shifter doesn't work, the trunk lock won't unlock, it will not passed missouri inspection- I have to have ball joints and idler arm replaced and mufller and exhaust pipe, and this car,, mike calhoon claims only has 34,000 miles!! he did replace tires ,shock,parts of exhaust system just because the car sat so long from a collector who was getting a divorce, has anyone heard that line before,, and please don't call this guy---WHY because you DON"T trust a car salesman that says god bless after a phone call,, I didn't even know if the car was real, I called the Lakeland Police to verifie if he had such a car,, Again buying cars online is a RIP-Off especially

Mike Calhoon,,,I even sent a extra $200.00 to him to help buy a new sterring wheel but don't forget the car only has 34,000 miles Now I have to hire a attoney to get my money back and $ 750 for shipping the car to missouri,

this whole deal is POISON and so is MIKE CALHOON if that's his real names!! guys like him are pirate& scum,, the car was so perfect he put on Ebay to sell for 6700.00 but dummy me, I paid $10,000 because I really wanted this car now wanting this car is ruined because of MIKE CALHOON the ripoff artist,, so don't buy in a hurry and don't buy on line without a visit to see the car and don't buy from Mike Calhhon I guess by now you know not to buy from MJC Classic JUNK CARS!!!!!and this is the FACTS

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  • Aug 27, 2016

I orded a car from mjc, mike calhoon , on 6/30/ 2016, paid 12,000.00 in wire transfere, car wasn't ready when i paid but was promised it'd be ready within 2 weeks and would receive in 3 at tops, after a month, kept getting same excuses if any response at all. Finally siad it was ready and would be shipped 8/15, a friday, acct mgr sent me an email saying i could send a check for the 2000.00 balance , but i said i'd just wire it monday and they'd get it quicker. 8/ 18 was told by mike calhoon it had shipped but was caught in la flood area. Later that day acct mgr called and said they couldnt ship till bal was paid. I agreed to pay when car was shipped after he was a month late getting it ready. Flat refused to ship, so i paid bal w/ understanding would ship immediately. Mike calhoon never listed it w/ broker for pick up after i paid. On 8/26 i hired my own shipper and had it picked up. He could have picked up 25th but mike put him off. Mike was supposed to have his share of shipping cost in cash or cashier's ck, he did not. I had to guarentee his ck before local trucking lines would take, when my car is delivered i have to pay them 500 and get his check. I have 92 emails sent back and forth, one lie after another. Please please please stay away from this business.

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  • Nov 1, 2019

This guy Michael Calhoon has chosen to hang in there by stealing and using other peoples money to keep his bad buisiness choices going. And to keep his buisiness and personal lifestyle afloat.

I feel the pain of all his victoms as my wife and I trusted him to do the right thing and he constantly lied to us about sending the money he owed us.. he used theat money up or simply buried it away in his cash stash somewere.

He owes us around $18,000.00 This has been a sign of a very desparate man doing desparate and bad deeds out of deparation cause he choose to run his buisiness into the ground rather than bail out and back it down back in 2017. bad choice for him and it has affected many inocent and unaware people.

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  • May 12, 2019

Purchased a 1982 Toyota FJ40 on December 29th, 2018 from Mike Calhoon., owner of MJC Classic Cars, in Lakeland, Florida. The truck was advertised as restored, with a clear title. It was listed on both Hemmings, and eBay as such, It is now May 13th-nearly 4 and ahalf months later and we still have not received the title.

In the state of Florida the seller has 30 days to provide a title to the buyer. I have filed a complaint with the state of Florida, which has been in contact several times with Mike Calhoon regarding sending out a title-he even told them 3 weeks ago, and myself it would be sent out with the plates then, and still no title.

I have filed a complaint with the BBB, which he has not responded to, and a FRAUD complaint with the state of Florida. Also filed a complaint with the FBI for wire fraud.

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  • Apr 17, 2018

I sent a $1000 deposit for a 1967 Oldsmobile 442 on January 3, 2018. I sent the balce in full plus funds to convert the car's automatic transmission to a 4-speed manul transmission. Calhoon told me it would take approximately 6 weeks to complete the work. I also bought seperately a correct 4-speed console and sent that to MJC Classics as well.

I began calling Calhoon about deliver after 8 full weeks and was told one excuse after another. He finally referred me to his "shop manager" who began a string of excuses of his own. Finally, on April 11, I was told that the car is ready to ship. I began calling Michael Calhoon to make arragemnets and got voice mail for a few times, then a message that his voice mail was full.

I finally got a text from him on April 17 telling me that someone would be calling me about the shipping arrangements. I have had a correspondance from someone claiming to represent a car shipper but as of yet no email with instructions. I was told that it was sent to the wrong email address....they thought of was [email protected] instead of the correct address I had given them, [email protected] Now I realize that is a rare address but...this in itself wouldn't be too troubling but in combination with every other lie Michael Calhoon has utter over the past frou months, it is one more clue that I have been screwed by a common crook.

Buyer beware with Michael Calhoon and MJC Classic Cars. You will be sorry, he is at the very least a dishonest person

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