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Country United States
State New Jersey
City Cherry Hill
Address 800 Kings Highway North Suite 410
Phone 856.482.0300

MissionOne Reviews

  • Nov 3, 2017

I hired MIssion one Staffing 3 weeks ago. I needed 9 people to help me on a project out in Springfield, VA They cold called me 3 weeks prior telling me about a promotion they had and had over 80 workers with 5 years of experience or more that was available for work. So I thanked them and needing help on my commercial project I decided to hire them instead of using my normal staffing agency(which never gave me any issues) First day noone showed up So I called and they said their computer systems was down and appologized and said they would send someone within the hour. 3 hours later noone showed so I callled back and they was all at lunch apparently except the one receptionist(they claimed they had 4 minimum at all times to handle calls-another lie i came to find out) Then the rude lady who was obviously eating lunch while talking on the phone with me mumbled through some words with a totally DIFFERENT EXCUSE.

that they didn't have a record of my previous call. I was so pissed right now, them costing me thousands of dollars at this point. Finally after I wanted to talk to the manager, apparently she was out and would get a call back.

So next day I get a call.. I never heard back that day and decided to basically let it go, next day I go to work 7am.. I decided to hire my 9 guys from my usual place. They all showed up at 9am after only calling at 7am , some at 8am.. low and behold we take a lunch around 11:35 and who shows up a van of 5 guys, they get out and ask for the supervisor in charge. I go up and introduce myself and asked if I can help. They said yes Mission one sent us this morning. I swear these are the guys you see standing at 7-11 PARKING LOT!!! trying not to laugh i asked if they had any tools, I guy literally opened up a torn husky bag and said I have this... I looked inside and was a pair of pliers, slotted screwdriver, ball peen hammer, and a pencil. I asked him sarcstically "what no tape measure" he immediatly said no this is all the staffing company gave us.. All my other contractors laughed out loud and I told them to go tell Mission one where they can stick their screwdriver..

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANYTHING!!! They lie, They will steal your time and they will send you 7-11 labors... Come to find out hey actually had such a bad reputation for doing this from other contractor friends of mine that they had to change their name... SCAM ALERT!!!!

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