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Mission Animal Hospital

Country United States
State California
City Palmdale
Address 845 W Palmdale Blvd
Phone 661-526-1300

Mission Animal Hospital Reviews

  • Dec 21, 2015

I live in Palmdale Ca. I have 3 children, & some family members who most say are just pets. These are 2 cats, 1 chihuahua, & used to be 2 pit bull parents & 9 puppies. 2 puppies were given to great homes, & the other 7 sadly to say I believe we're murdered by the uncaring negligence of the Veterinarian Hospital they were taken to..?! I was told that for me to make this right I would have to file a civil suit against the owner of the hospital. Which I'm unsure how to do right now I'm just trying to reach out to ANYONE that may be able to help me. I must also mention that I'm NOT the first person to have horrible things done to concerning the treatment given to animals by this particular hospital. Upsetting to find out that they've been accused of MANY different unthinkable acts towards their patients & owners who accept it as a freak accident..?

My case starts like this, on the 20th of Nov.

2015 we brought one of our pups in for urination trouble it appeared, they never used to gloves when examining my pup named "Lil Man" who's was my youngest daughter's puppy. They say there was no signs of blockage but still offered antibiotics for him. Within about 2 weeks one of my other pups "Bandanamom" began dry heaving & having bloody stools or mostly bloody liquid when going poop. We took her to the same vet that Lil Man had seen they had tested her for parvo which was positive at that point I had noticed they were NOW suddenly concerned in having gloves on...? They then insisted on our bringing my remainder 6 puppies in for their shots including the Parvo vaccine. We sadly had put down Bandanamom that evening Fri. Dec. 4,2015.

Immediately following on that Sunday Dec. 6,2015 we brought ALL 6 pups to the vet for their shots but before ANYONE of them were given ANY shots I asked the same question at least 3+ times of "Are you sure that they should be given this parvo shot considering they've been recently exposed to the virus maybe 36 hours prior to? " The girl replied "Yes in order to be safe from Parvo ??." Within 1/2 hour to one hour my pups wouldn't stand up, they began running very high fevers & almost instantly throwing up foam, & pooping blood.!?? I contacted the vet immediately they told me to bring them ALL back in to see the Dr. for further options on treating them. Then they switched to the option of in home medications for each puppy which would cost around $200.00 a piece..?

I'm a disabled 39 year old mother of 3 who really can't afford what they offered, which they already were aware of considering the night we put Bandanamom down we had to pull the costs of almost $300.00 in vet expenses including being put down from our rent money.. I've called a few other vets & asked them hypothetically the situation I've been through about giving the parvo vaccine & if it was safe to give to ANY puppy who's recently been exposed they said absolutely NOT, that "they're unable to treat an animal who's ill or exposed to illness prior to booster shots." Simply due to the animals immune system wouldn't be able to handle the boosters on account of not being in good health already, also that in this particular situation it would DEFINATELY end up killing them!!!?

To end this story I've had to live through moment by moment even now is hard considering that for ALL my hard efforts in placing them under quarantine & complete isolation, forcing pedialite into each of their lil mouths for 3 days of barely any rest let alone sleep, each one of my puppies started dying beginning with my daughters pup "Lil Man" which on the vaccination paperwork that was for him does not have ANY signature in authorizing his shots to be administered due to his recent vet visit prior to that day. In total I watched 3 of our pups scream & gasp for their last breaths in pain before liquid shot out of both ends of their bodies. I honestly believe that they didn't pay any attention to their jobs while they examined my pup the first day & were careless enough to have passed the virus to us bringing it home to our puppies , since still to this day now our other 3 dogs, being the parents of our puppies & our indoor chihuahua of 1 years old still have shown no signs of this deadly virus & are still healthy as they've been except the difference is that never went to this vet just our puppies who have now passed away or been put down by the Humane Society as of Wed. Dec. 6,2015. Maybe there's someone to help stop this vet hospital from doing wrong to others like I've been done wrong by...? Please HELP ANYONE....!!!!!!? thank you Sincerely

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