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Miss Ava Zhang

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 18645 Hatteras Street Unit 285
Phone 818-915-9589

Miss Ava Zhang Reviews

  • Jul 11, 2019


She's a hooker with a fake name. Don't act so surprised to find seediness in seedy places with seedy people.

  • May 20, 2019

Not surprised

I'm honestly not surprised to see this

  • Mar 21, 2018

Over the course of my life I have engaged with professional dominatrixes privately and anonymously. This is never involves sexual intercourse, for me. I'm not ignorant to the fact that for many it does. Dominatrixes do not advertise beyond legal services but I beleive most people understand that other things can be privately negotiated.

I became interested in Miss Ava Zhang. She is known in NYC and other places and she seemed to have a positive online reputation. I attended a private hotel party in NYC recently which was only advertised vaguely as a gathering for likeminded people or a mixer of sorts where things can happen.

When I arrived it was clearly not well vetted. To make a long story short, this event was all about prostitution and negotiating sex with her and several other girls.

These kinds of things happen. I'm writing this because of a personal interaction with her that I will not detail but I experienced "sales pressure" and hostility when I was disinterested.

This is not the kind of safe play environment or treatment people like me expect with professional dominatrixes. I have been in plenty of settings where there is bdsm sex going on and this was very different. It was fairly creepy and being there made me feel uneasy. The people there did not feel safe to be around. Miss Ava Zhang did not feel safe to be around and there was unprotected sex and what appeared to be drug use going on which, again, is not what one would expect to find in a safe play environment. She seemed more like a maddam than a dominatrix.

I found all of this unfortunate. I'm posting this to warn others. I've since found other complaints about her here, which i had not before because I did not know her real name - Helen Xiao Zhang. Once I discovered this I felt compelled to share my story to warn others.

I do not recommend engaging with her if you are looking for a safe and confidential arrangement. People easily could have been taking pictures with their phones. There were no precautions taken to protect the guests and the guests did not appear to care or be experienced in the protocols associated with informed consent.

Note - I did not see money change hands at this event. I did hear the conversations. There are plenty of wonderful dominatrixes out there who will provide a safe and legal experience. Don't risk your well being with Miss Ava Zhang.

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